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Thursday, January 27, 2011

MSU: 11/11/11 Hoops, Ships, Wings, and Sans Lucious

As indicated with the paint job, 11/11/11 on the Breslin Center floor.... and as noted by ESPN, it looks like it will be a reality. Ink in Michigan State, North Carolina, San Diego State, and the Naval Academy... to play on Veterans Day 2011 in San Diego. Freaking genius... though the ES put a little fools' gold in the Spartan Nation about a football game on the Nimitz back in 2003..

MSU - Lucious vs. scUM = 16 pt win

Tonight, MSU is a 10 point favorite over the scUM Yellow Bellies in the post-Lucious era. The game could not have come at a better time, as the struggling Big Green should light fire and get back on track after a brutal first half of the season. Korie Lucious was playing poorly, misfiring on his passes and his shots -- moreover, he was a distraction for the team. As Izzo showed him the door, it provided an opportunity and impetus to get the chemistry right. As the unmatchable and loveable Dickie-V put it: "Don't fall asleep on the Spartans." Yes, that would be foolish, and Izzo will just prove you naysayers wrong, once again, for the umpteenth time, as one of the Final Four teams standing in March Madness. The Big Green need to shore up its defense and contest more shots, and need the ball to just go in (something Lucious couldn't provide)...... but methinks Sparty will be dancing mightily come March.

Prediction: Michigan State 78, Michigan 62.