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Sunday, February 06, 2011

I HATE WISCONSIN - Wisky everything

OK, we got our asses kicked. Congrats to Wisconsin.

But after watching the lack of sportsmanship by Bo Ryan for the umpteenth time... and when you match it with that asshole Brett Bielema rolling up the score on Minnesota this year...

Well, I was going to root for the Packers. No longer, I will never root for anything from Wisconsin. They lack an ethical value set. Hey, I don't disagree of the other team needing to defend and take care of its own... but the last three as time expired (Ryan is responsible as coach), well it was the last call for me. Ryan and Bielema are embarrasement to college athletics. What, today, a 25-point lead weren't good enough? Izzo would never have done that, and Dantonio would never push for more points on the field.

It is all about values. And, obviously, Ryan's and Bielema's values lack any integrity. How embarrassing. If they did have a value set of respect, then they would not have made the decisions to pour it on. But that is not their value. Their value is to make your opponent feel pity and embarassment and worthless. Obviously, why otherwise would you pour on the points (don't give me that bullshit that you are giving bench-sitting players a chance to play. Let them play, but don't wind up plays to score!)

For now on I root against anything Wisconsin. Going into today, I was a Packers fan. Thank you, Bo Ryan, I am, now a Steelers fan. If I ever meet you, I will not shake your hand. You are a mean-spirited individual. It's a shame for such a great university.