Hypocrit Jim Tressel hangs NCAA to dry, collects millions in dollars and laughs The Enlightened Spartan: Hypocrit Jim Tressel hangs NCAA to dry, collects millions in dollars and laughs

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hypocrit Jim Tressel hangs NCAA to dry, collects millions in dollars and laughs

Muskyburger On Tressel (hit the video link): gotta love Brent. He has much of this right: Tressel a hyprocrit, lying, cheating, and making the NCAA look bad... except Musky misses the part of values, where he says 1) "I would have been proud to send my kid to Ohio State" and 2) "if I was in the same position as him with regards to learning about the situation, I would have done the same thing."

Huh? Glad you ain't my dad, and glad I can teach my own kids different.

Response to #1) This ain't the NFL, Musky, and you know it ain't. So, with shady situations going-on at Ohio State for the last several years (or more), with respect to your kid you will settle on the con man (or any other gent/gal) him/herself conning you into everything is honky-dorey at Championship U? Ummm.... don't you get second or third opinions? You believe everything you hear and experience? As a journalist, you'd fit right in with Mitch Albom and the Fab Five. Eyes open and ears closed. Stupid.

As for #2) you would do the same thing? Huh? Where are your values? It is strict NCAA and institutional philosophy to hand over any perceived knowledge of violations to compliance staff (not that they are lawyers, but...) Ohio State is a membership organization. If they don't like NCAA rules, don't belong. As an NCAA member, you must comply by the organization's rules -- which means to hand over facts and perceived knowledge (yes, this is part of the rules... don't like it? change it!). If it ain't true, nothing to worry about. But, we all know now that The Vest knew the issues but was a moreover a hypocrit, a liar, and a cheat. So, if Tressel knew or smelled of a problem, be should have notified compliance and the man (NCAA). But, he is a bigger liar than he is a man of values, so he decided to lie. How pathetic.

This ain't over. NCAA looks terrible throughout this, with the extra pass to OSU players for the bowl game. Now, they may vacate the game for which they gave the extra pass? Huh? That is just brutally ugly, and Tressel left the NCAA and college sports hanging out to dry. The NCAA and fellow members should want blood on this. As, Musky said, "he should have learned from Nixon"... what is worse than the crime is the cover-up. And, it smells worse than that.

Tressel: You dumb-ass, tell the truth. What will you say on your million-dollar speaker's circuit? Lie and collect millions... you will laugh to the bank.

Jim Tressel is a piece of trash. I'm gonna pick up The Winners Manual... from the library. Tressel and Ohio State University are a piece of garbage. The NCAA won't do it, but they really should give OSU the death penalty. Jim Tressel and Terrel Pryor (a.k.a. Chris Webber) will make millions, and Pryor won't even graduate. Just to make everything look foolish, and professional.