Basketball on grass SUCKS The Enlightened Spartan: Basketball on grass SUCKS

Friday, December 30, 2011

Basketball on grass SUCKS

Anyone watch that disaster of an Alamo Bowl last night?  Seemed like anytime either team (Baylor or Washington) touched the ball, they were going to score.  The 67-56 final score was NOT an overtime game, and the teams combined for over 1,400 total yards. It was absurd -- the defense was the WORST of any game the ES has ever seen.  Receivers wide open on both sides of the ball every single play, missed tackles (that #8 on Baylor defense is horrid) every play... the defensive line of Washington was embarrassing, not sure how many runs of 50+ yards Baylor had (440+ total yards rushing).   If it wasn't so terrible, it was hilarious.  Basketball on grass sucks.  That dude from Washington threw 5 TDs and ran for 2 more (that's 49 points)... and the Huskies still lost.   No defense = A terrible game to watch.