"We are supposed to be playing on the big stage." The Enlightened Spartan: "We are supposed to be playing on the big stage."

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"We are supposed to be playing on the big stage."

People around the nation wonder why there is such hatred between the Michigan State faithful and the Michigan faithful.  Give the Wolverines (yes, the ES uses the word GIVE deliberately) a victory in an unearned BCS bowl berth with pitiful Va Tech coaching decisions, and the AArogant Wolverine Nation thinks they own the world.  To wit, scUM AD David Brandon, in USA Today: "We've had a bumpy three years, but we're Michigan," Brandon said. "We're supposed to be playing on the big stage. We're supposed to be playing against formidable competition. We're supposed to be in the national hunt. For years and years and years, that was Michigan. That's what we want Michigan to be in the future.":

Matter of fact, NO YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYING ON THE BIG STAGE.   You need to earn it.  Michigan State earned it with 22 wins the LAST TWO YEARS, including double-digt wins against YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM each year, and didn't get a BCS berth.  And, Michigan State was in the Conference championship game.  And, Michigan State isn't supposed to play on the Big Stage -- no, MSU needs to earn it, just like every other team.

You know what, screw you and your Aarogant Aass.  This pisses the ES off to no end.  Now you know why there are thousands of t-shirts worn across the Big Ten that state "Muck Fichigan!"

Formidable competion? Don't get me wrong, congrats for the win over VaTech, but the ES argues that VTU is anything but formidable -- the.Hokies looked handcuffed by their coaches, and still outgained scUM by twice as many yards; stupid VaTech coaching decisions led to scUM victory with Christmas gifts that would have made Jesus Christ proud. 

Gimme a break Brandon, you embarrass the college football nation.

With the Spartans' record the past three years, the ES could say, "we are supposed to play on the Big Stage." But, let us let our performance dictate things - as the ES said, we had our fate in our hands, losing to Wisky and thus losing our bid for a BCS. I accept that.  But, to think that "we are supposed" to get a BCS bid is absolute height of arrogance.  Screw you. 

Once again, thank you Aan Aarbor, you once again lay claim to the ownership of Aarogant Aasses.