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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The greatest drive in Michigan State football history

Connor Cook had just pissed away a beautiful 28-3 lead over scUM by dropping the ball instead of handing it to Jeremy Langford.  Thirty seconds later, Michigan scored its first, and only, touchdown vs MSU since 2011.

And, then came the greatest drive in Spartan football history.  I still have tears in my eyes. 

With the Michigan State Spartans at midfield, and up 28-11 with 3 minutes left... well, the Doctor's M.O. is to just kneel down in victory formation and play another day. Right?  Game over?  But not Saturday, not against the little shits from Michigan.  As Coach D nearly stated after the game, time to "Shove it up their ASS!" (he said "We wanted to shove it," but we all know what he meant).  

More diplomatically: we are going to run the ball, and if you don't like it, stop us.  Victory Formation be damned.  The Spartan Stadium crowd, still nearly 70,000 strong, roared in approval.  I mean, IT ROARED.   

AND, the last drive of the game went like this:
H 1-10 M48  33-Langford rush for no gain to the MICH48
H 2-10 M48  33-Langford rush for 8 yards to the MICH40
H 3-2  M40  33-Langford rush for 3 yards to the MICH37
H 1-10 M37  33-Langford rush for 27 yards to the MICH10
H 1-G  M10  33-Langford rush for 2 yards to the MICH8
H 2-G  M08  33-Langford rush for 3 yards to the MICH5
H 3-G  M05  33-Langford rush for 5 yards to the MICH0
TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:28. 4-Geiger, Michael kick attempt good.

After the game, coach D said: "I can only be diplomatic for so long..." in the best, most appropriate, rant from Dantonio of his career.

Let me help you out coach: SHOVE IT DOWN THEIR THROAT.   Too bad Mike Hart wasn't playing on Saturday, because he likely would have left the game broken inside and out, broken like the dribble of a football program he left behind thanks to his "Little Brother" disrespect back in 2006.  

If Michigan State makes it to the national playoff, this likely will be the drive to which the Spartan Nation will point as far as being definitive in our persona.  The bastards from Ann Arbor have shown little respect, far beyond stupidity, for Michigan State football.  In all honesty, this goes way back to MSU's entry to the Big Ten, in 1949 when Michigan was the only school to vote against MSU joining the conference. Yes, Mike Hart was one of the best things to ever happen to Michigan State football. Yes, pride does come before the fall.  Fast forward to today: As smart as they think they are, the Wolverines lack common sense. 

I hate Michigan athletics.  And, I LOVED that last drive.  Brady Hoke, for all the Spartan Nation loves his terrible coaching, has now lost my complete respect - apologizing for his team's lack of integrity is worse than allowing them to behave so poorly in the first place.  It's just pathetic.

Never thought BTN's Gerry DiNardo would have such prophetic words: "Michigan is a drama program."  How sad, how true.

Below you will find the beautiful statistics from the game.  No matter how eye-opening, what you see below still doesn't paint the picture of how bad we kicked Michigan's ass.  Can we play them again tomorrow?  Please?

                                   MICH      MSU
FIRST DOWNS...................       13       22
NET YARDS RUSHING.............       61      219
  Average Per Rush............      2.3      4.8
NET YARDS PASSING.............      125      227
  Completions-Attempts-Int....  15-31-2  12-22-0
TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS...........      186      446
  Average Gain Per Play.......      3.3      6.6
Possession Time...............    26:14    33:46

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