The NCAA is on life support The Enlightened Spartan: The NCAA is on life support

Friday, August 19, 2011

The NCAA is on life support

Maybe it's finally time to start talking about getting rid of the NCAA.  John Feinstein, who often I find rather dull or shallow, makes excellent points (though he is exasperated) about how outdated the rules and structure of the organization.  Yes, maybe three new organizations: one for football, one for men's basketball, and one for all the other college sports.  That actually makes too good of sense to really happen.  And, Dan Wetzel, who often skews facts to fit his arguments (as is the case in his book, "Death to the FBS"), happens in this case to wrap things up with a nice bow, tying the Miami scandal to the overall corrupt nature of those who are in charge of big time college sports.

Read these articles and then ponder how the NCAA gets around this mess.  My guess, is it won't.  Something's gonna change.  But, will the NCAA fix the problems?  Not if those that are making the rules are the ones reaping the profits.  The system is broken, and  it might take Congressional action or the IRS to fix it:  the NCAA won't do it. And, Congress is broken too, and has enough of its own mess on its hands.  My guess is the class action lawsuits out there, when they come to fruition, will force the NCAA's hand.  The NCAA is on life support, and their time is ticking away.

Maybe the NCAA will give Miami football the death penalty as the way to solve this?  That just removes one of the symptoms, not the cause.