Thank you Jenison Field House! An end to Teeman? The Enlightened Spartan: Thank you Jenison Field House! An end to Teeman?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thank you Jenison Field House! An end to Teeman?

Wow, it was just great watching the Spartans play at Jenison against Tuskegee tonight.

The ES saw plenty of games at Jenison back in the day - I had a student season ticket pass my entire tenure, including my first three years when MSU played at Jenison, it was punched with a hole-puncher coming into each game (look at right: I just went into my basement and dug through my ticket collection to find my pass at right). 

Back from 1986-1989, I remember sitting on the front row at Jenison, right on the midcourt stripes -- cursing out the referees and listening to Jud doing the same. But, tonight, as the announcers on ESPNU noted, Jenison was LOUDER THAN HELL back in the day... and I remember yelling my head off every single game while I was there.  Congrats to Mark Hollis for pulling off an important historical understanding of the need for inclusion and integration through the important 1963 NCAA tourney game at Jenison -- so many of us Spartan fans previously never knew anything about this event. 

As far as tonight, of course, MSU beat Division II Tuskegee, 92-60, and it was nice to see a dominant game out of Adriene Payne and a nice game by Matt "Elvis" Costello. I am now listening to the radio post-game with Will Teeman and Matt Stegienga. Again, Teeman is absolutely the WORST college basketball radio announcer in the nation. He is late on all the calls, and makes the cheesiest and most-clueless comments in post game: he is completely out of touch with his audience. Oh well, it's who we've got.

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