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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Halftime: Indy by 6

ES headed up to the Spartan HOF Cafe (which is jam-packed) and is ready for the second half.  Some thoughts on Indy's six-point lead:
  • Indy scouted out Nix's reverse turn on his post drive, and have two steals off it.
  • Appling's shooting is off; which is the fist-half norm for him this year.  He's not in foul trouble, but his shot is off... a word to Indy: watch out
  • Dawson:  lots of energy, all over the place, but not where it needs to be.  He needs to be a bit more focused.
  • Zeller is being contained, but so is Nix.
  • Gary Harris needs to find some space to shoot more.  Maybe a few more screens.
  • Oladipo is a tough matchup and really is amazing to watch.  But, watch Payne, too!
  • Time for the second half!!!! 

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