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Friday, September 05, 2014

ES Game Day: Michigan State to Shalique past Oregon


The Game:
#7 MSU Spartans (1-0) vs
#3 Oregon Ducks (1-0)

Sagarin ratings: Oregon #1, MSU #10
September 6.  6:30 ET.  FOX.
Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR
Capacity:  54,000
Latest Line:  Phil Knight by 12.

UO Claim to fame:  "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

ES history in Eugene: This year, I ain't going to Oregon, so we have a chance.  God, my game memories there are bad, although my other memories are pretty good...
  • 1980:  Just a pup, with the parents... Wuz there when MSU was drowning in Muddy Waters, losing to the hapless post-Dan Fouts Ducks, 7-35.  I was young and impressionable, and not impressed.
  • 1998:  Took the Amtrak to Eugene from San Francisco, amazed at the new UO practice facility sporting a huge brewpub keg to celebrate its opening.  After cursing out the ill-prepared Nick Saban for being down 45-0 at half, I tore my shirt off and headed into the practice facility to anonymously pour my sorrows away.  Loss: 48-14. 
Reality for today:  DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.  It is the loudest stadium, arena, I have ever been in. I've seen the Rose Bowl, the Final Four in Ford Field, Tears for Fears in Aachen, Jerry Reed in Fremont (MI), and The Who in Detroit... and, I heard the Sonic Boom after officials overturned the play to award our victory by Kirk Cousins' Hail Mary to Keith Nichol over Wisconsin.

But nothing is even close to as loud as Autzen.  Bring yer ear plugs.

Still, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.   Calhoun and the Spartan No Fly Zone will shock the Oregon coast into submission.   But, the real key to victory?  Don't be shocked when you watch the  vastly improved, efficient, and diverse Spartan offense led by Connor Cook move up and down the field against an average Oregon defense.

ES sez:  Shalique Calhoun 29, Marcus Mariota 28.

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