Hail Hail! The Michigan Man! The Enlightened Spartan: Hail Hail! The Michigan Man!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hail Hail! The Michigan Man!

The ES can't help hisself.  It's 26-10 Utah in that dump of a stadium in AA land.   Let the rant begin.

Let's be honest.

Brady Hoke is the greatest coach in the history of University of Michigan football. Hoke and his coordinators should immediately be rewarded with lifetime contracts and $1 million bonuses for their ability to put together a solid game plan in today's match against the Mighty Utes.  Methinks this Michigan football offense, with Devin "Trip-toe Through the Tulips" Gardner and the defensive scheme from Greg "Dance Around Reality" Mattison has many years of mediocrity to come.  Reward them!  Now!  What a fantastic misuse of talent!

Is this the second coming of Rich Rod?  No, this is better!  This time... this guy is a MICHIGAN MAN.

LOL.  Today, the only savior for the Michigan faithful is nature - aka lightning.  God, it must sting for them to actually feel like a Spartan the past 40 years pre-Dantonio.  Welcome to our world.

Enjoy your disaster and buy an industrial sump-pump, cause from what I see, it's going to be a shit-storm the rest of the year in Ann Arbor.

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