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Friday, July 31, 2015

Coaches rank BIG GREEN #6 preseason

So, the coaches' poll came out today, with only a few interesting blips for Spartan fans.  First off, we're ranked #6 - it has to be our highest pre-season ranking since 1966 - two years before the ES was shot out of his mommy's cannon.

The Ducks, the national runners-up, are ranked a spot ahead of Michigan State.  They are our season-opener, and we'll be ready.  Should be a fun game - the best non-conference game in the country for the preseason.  It's an 8 pm, ABC, prime-time game.  Weather should be great.  Can't wait.  A win, and we bump up a spot.

There are no other teams on our schedule (look at top right of the ES site) that are ranked until we hit Ohio State in the c-c-c-cold, second to last game of the season.  Nebraska has 27 preseason votes, and both Maryland and Michigan have 1 vote each.  Da ES sees a trip to the Corn as having potential, but the Spartans have tamed the Corn (remember the frigid 27-22 win last year with a valiant but short comeback by the Corn?) the past two years and the distances between the programs this year are far greater.  Maryland is irrelevant, and Harbone's Roadkill have been irrelevant for the better part of the past decade.

Shall the ES take a trip out to Columbus... methinks maybe, but the Buckeye faithful are mean and terrible fans.  I think I'll boycott the Ohio State game; would love to come to Columbus, but not to be treated like a piece of shit.

The season finale, hosting Penn State - well, the Spartans have owned this series the past several meetings and should do so again... especially with a stake in the national playoff on the line after its victory over the Buckeyes.  Many are predicting the Nittany Lions (20 nods in the poll) at 3rd in the division behind OSU and MSU - but far below those two.  Thoughts?

Here's the complete coaches poll:

USA Today Coaches Poll
1Ohio State (62)14-11598
2TCU (1)12-11487
3Alabama (1)12-21452
6Michigan State11-21230
8Florida State13-11057
11Notre Dame8-5883
15Ole Miss9-4668
16Arizona State10-3577
17Georgia Tech11-3573
24Boise State12-2190
Dropped from rankings: Mississippi State 12, Kansas State 18, Utah 20, Marshall 22, Louisville 24 
Others receiving votes: Mississippi State 164, Texas A&M 149, Oklahoma State 89, Virginia Tech 70, Utah 40, Kansas State 37, Nebraska 27, Louisville 27, Minnesota 25, Penn State 20, South Carolina 18, Miami (FL) 16, Texas 8, Illinois 7, Duke 6, Air Force 5, Louisiana Tech 5, Marshall 4, Utah State 4, West Virginia 3, NC State 3, BYU 3, North Carolina 2, Florida 2, Georgia Southern 2, UCF 1, Cincinnati 1, Kentucky 1, Maryland 1, Michigan 1, Washington 1

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