#17 Michigan State at Indiana: A Whirling Dervish The Enlightened Spartan: #17 Michigan State at Indiana: A Whirling Dervish

Friday, September 30, 2016

#17 Michigan State at Indiana: A Whirling Dervish

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #46, Indiana #66

#17 MSU 2-1/0-1. Indiana 2-1/0-0
Saturday, October 1, 2016.
8:00 pm ET.
Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN

Line: MSU by 6 (vegasinsider.com)
Weather: 63 degrees, 50% chance of showers

Depth Chart - MSU - Indiana

Which team will show up? Will Tyler O'Connor show up?  Will Dave Warner show up?  Will the defensive line show up?  Will the RBs block?  Who will show up?  Reschke is OUT, Bullough didn't even dress last week... wha????

After Wisky lit up MSU because of our MISTAKES, I don't know where to go or what to expect.  Indiana has, as typical, struggled against the sisters-of-the poor all year.  This time, let's wing this prediction like a Whirling Dervish

Da ES will be up in Mt Pleasant to tailgate and witness the End of the World, CMU vs WMU... but tuning in via B1G2Go, the ES will see the Spartan O-Line getting back to basics to dictate the game, and opening up holes for LJ Scott and Gerald Holmes.  Expect 175+ yards out of the two backs combined.  Also, expect the maligned d-line to push up front and stop the run.  Indiana has a prolific offense, as usual, but it is also prolifically mistake-prone.  Who is MSU?  Too tough to tell at this point.

Is the Big Green the brute that ran a 25-play drive over Iowa like a 26-wheeler over a Mac Truck?  Or, is this the Big Green playing like a scared kitten in a box with a rabies-infested Rottweiler?  This is more on Dave Warner and the offense.  Stat to remember: MSU is 13-2 since 2010 after a loss; ain't too shabby.

ES sez:  MSU 27-21 over Indy.

Peanut Barrel: Tom, MSU 36-24; Feather, MSU 35-17; Brad, Indiana, 31-17; Brock, MSU 21-17; Rick, MSU 35-21
LSJ: MSU 37-31
Freep: Solari,  MSU 27-21
The Spun:  MSU 31-23
Det News: Charboneau, MSU 30-21; Chengelis, MSU 24-17; Wojo, MSU 38-31; Niyo, MSU 34-21
SpartyMSU:  MSU 35-17
MLive: MSU 41-28
Athlon:  MSU 27-23
CFN:  MSU 34-23
Campus Insiders:  MSU 31-20
Winners And Whiners:  MSU by 7.5+
CBSSports.com:  5 of 7 pick MSU