MSU Spartans vs Kalamazoo Broncos The Enlightened Spartan: MSU Spartans vs Kalamazoo Broncos

Friday, September 06, 2019

MSU Spartans vs Kalamazoo Broncos

Michigan State (#19/20, 1-0/0-0) vs waterlogged Western Michigan (1-0/0-0)

Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
Saturday, September 7, 2019.  7:30 pm ET
TV: Big Ten Network
Weather:  70 & cloudy, wind 10 mph WNW

Vegas Line:  MSU by 16

Jeff Sagarin Ratings/Line:  MSU #23, WMU #75.  MSU by 16

Are the Broncos or the Spartans under water?
The Enlightened Spartan has decided the permanence of the Spartans' offensive futility agAinst anyone!  This truly is Sparta 300.  Defend until the death.  Wait to be attacked.  Do not go on offense.  Prepare for Battle! The best thing for the Spartans?  Get the offense OFF the field.  They suck so bad - the defense can score more than the offense.

FYI - Top 5 rush defenses in the NCAA after week 1:
5.  Penn State = 4 ypg
4.  Central Florida = 4 ypg
3.  Maryland = 1 ypg
2.  Syracuse = -4 ypg
1.  Michigan State = -73 ypg

  • MLive:  MSU 34-7
  • Freep: MSU 27-7/MSU 17-7/MSU 24-10
  • DetNews: MSU 31-13/MSU 24-6/MSU 34-14/MSU 27-13
  • Big Joe and Phantom 309: MSU 21-6.
  • GVSU Gregger: MSU 35-10.
  • RGM3:  MSU 34-13
  • Chef Tom: Spartan Defense outscores Western 16-3.
  • Sloth: WMU wins, 2-0, when Salem calls a jet sweep out of his end zone.
  • Big Bob's prediction:  MSU 15-14.  "Ok. Enough of this retirement gibberish. My prediction for the game tomorrow: MSU kicks five FGs and wins 15-14. A pathetic way to win. Matt Coghlin goes on to score all of MSU’s points for the rest of the season and wins the Heisman trophy... If I had to sit in the stadium and watch this offense struggle to keep up with a MAC team, I’d gouge my eyes out. Better to watch it on TV, so when that happens, I can turn it off and walk away.
  • Kat:  MSU 17-3.
  • Australia Paul: 21-17 MSU
ES sez:  Spartan defense does its thang, and nearly pitches a shutout.  Offense struggles again, gives up a pick 6 - talk is cheap.... prove it!   MSU 24-10.