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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MSU favored by 4 over scUM; Izzo on logo

Tonight, it is time to take care of business down in Ann Arbor, and for our #5 (and climbing) MSU Spartans to beat up on the little Wolverines. Expect Manny Harris to return to the lineup. On the Tom Izzo radio show last night, he explained that "they like to shoot a lot of threes, and they've been missing a lot. But that is what scares you, when they start making them. We're worried about it." Gus Ganakas talked about Michigan's system similar to that of Phil Jackson's "triple post", coming off penetration and screens and kicking the ball out, over and over again. The Harris, Novak, Sims trio can be pretty deadly when on, and the ES really likes Sims... but three don't make a team.

The bookies? They ain't worried: Michigan State is a 4-point favorite. Game is slated for 7 pm on ESPN, with the always excellent commentary from Steve Lavin and the knock-out sideline insight from Erin Andrews.

Trivia question: Which men's basketball program has a greater historical winning percentage? Michigan or Michigan State?
Answer: MSU. MSU is 1477 -1001 (59.60%); Michigan is 1380-938 (59.53%).

ES prediction: #5 Michigan State 68, Michigan 63. Game MVP? Durrell Summers has a breakout game, he is a matchup disaster for scUM.


Matter of fact, Tom Izzo had some comments on his radio show last night about the new image redesign. "I understand not always wanting to change and the need for consistency. ...But, it people would know how much time and effort went into this, they might have a better appreciation for it."

The ES doesn't disagree with coach Izzo. This is a Big Ten school, a major athletic program with an $80 million annual budget. The ES would fully expect an extensive effort with designers, marketers, public relations professionals, with focus groups and the like. Mark Hollis is going to make sure that he has as much ground covered and stakeholder groups involved in the process as possible. Hopefully they did some polling (one would hope!) which would have provided them some insight into possible concerns... One thing he can't do is involve the general public from the beginning because of immediate backlash, as is happening with the storm cloud now.

But, and a big "but" here -- the ES still doesn't like it. It isn't dynamic, it isn't cool, it isn't hip. And, noone -- NOONE -- has yet to express the NEED. Where is the need? Maybe see what MSU students think of it, they are the younger up- and coming- generation. What do high school students (future Spartans) think of it? What do we know anyway, other than we alumni who pay the bulk of the ticket cost and alumni donations?

You think the public doesn't like the new Sparty head? They'd SCREAM with an adjusted "block S" or other more significant changes. And, so would the ES. What a sad day coming ahead.

In the current ES poll above (you can vote): 64% vote against the logo, 8% for, and 20% "OK". Not exactly encouraging numbers....

It is easy to proclaim: "we have come this far, we can't turn back now." And, "they'll get over it" and just proceed. It is harder, and it takes greater determination and leadership, to say: "You know, we made a mistake." And, "We'll consider the public's concerns" and go back to the designers with the criticism.

There is still time to put on the brakes and reconsider. But, if Spartan athletics is headstrong, at the very least the ES and the Spartan Nation would like a case statement, to be provided with a statement of need, if we are to rally behind this redesign effort. There is a lack of understanding right now. Spartan athletics... are you listening?


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