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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sparty wearing on the ES

The Izzo was on Jim Rome show today. OK, I HATE Jim Rome. The whole letters to the editor innuendos signed by some third party whose name is synonymous with another societal or sports situation was always, well, call it sophomoric ("Dear Mark McGuire: Put down the cream. Signed, Pete Rose."). Plus, his pausing and phrasing is again very abrasive.

BUT, he does get along with Coach Izzo. And, the ES was accidentally flipping channels on my radio today when I heard Coach's voice on his show. So, after listening to coach talk about THE LOGO, it is time to address this again.

Coach Izzo is right by and large: "you need to really see the whole thing. Teams have had different colors of green and different looks and if we want to be like the best programs out there, we need it to be consistent for everyone." Izzo talked about Kelly Green, Dark Green, Green, etc. Izzo talked about how "it would be nice for all of us who really love this program to be behind it." Now THAT hit home.

You can't judge a car based on the looking at the rear end. Let's say the new Sparty is the rear end. The ES isn't that crazy about the Sparty on its own, but I AM getting used to it and nowhere near as negative as first impression. It isn't so bad now that the shock has worn off. Let's see what it looks like in its entirety with the rest of the imaging roll out.

But, more importantly, its just a logo. If we are all behind it, then we are all behind it. It's gonna happen anyway, so why piss and moan?

Reinventing Sparty, well let's hope they don't go ape-shit and destroy the Block 'S' or that may be going too far.

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