Patino is an IDIOT The Enlightened Spartan: Patino is an IDIOT

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Patino is an IDIOT

Rick Pitino is an idiot, and even worse, he is a dangerous idiot.

Someone who is a coach, a mentor to our youth, just doesn't believe that concussions are a common occurrence. Let alone the fact that the research is better, the medical understanding is better, and the fact that students are larger and faster... but why bother? According to Pitino, if you get a concussion as a college athlete, you are just adding to the problem????

WHAT AN IDIOT. Watch and learn (around 2:50-3:20): "if you slightly run into a door, you get a concussion. Everyone has a concussion today."

Pitino should be ashamed for hisself. And he had a signing bonus at Lousiville for $8.9 million and has an annual salary of $4.5 million? HE IS PAID $12 MILLION TO LACK COMPASSION? What a total, dangerous dummy. You want some rational thought on it? Then, read here.

I would NEVER recommend anyone to send their kids to play at Louisville if he has no interest in understanding and sharing with athletes what the current risks and benefits are from college sports. Without an interest in the research in concussions, Pitino demonstrates his drive for victories at the expense of athletes' welfare. Pathetic.

$12 million and a total dumb-ass. As for me, this Patinoism signals the ES is in the wrong line of work.