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Monday, September 12, 2011

ND favored by 5 - what the x$#@%!

OK, so many folks pointing out to the ES that it is ND favored by 5.  Thanks, the correction is appreciated... But, where does the ES get his info?  From a source called VegasInsider.com.  Yesterday, at 6 pm, they posted a line from Wynn in Vegas that said MSU -5 and from BoDog via OffShore Odds that stated MSU -5.5 vs ND (so if Wisconsin is -16 vs Miami, since I can't read lines it would mean they are an underdog to Miami Ohio? Of course, they aren't).  Now, we see that the VI website switched it from a stupid idiot input error.  Those that say the ES can't read betting lines, come on, gimme a break... The ES is only sharing the info as it is disseminated.  But, what is good to know is that this VI website is not to be considered the best source of info on Sunday evenings.  Lesson learned...

Thanks, for the correction - MSU SHOULD be favored by 5...  We'll win by at least that much... Go GREEN!