Spartan Stadium scoreboard update... and an A-10! The Enlightened Spartan: Spartan Stadium scoreboard update... and an A-10!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spartan Stadium scoreboard update... and an A-10!

So, the ES was hurling ball with Big Bob over at the Field Hockey stadium, next to Spartan Stadium today... very very impressed with the scoreboards.  Check them out below.  The South Scoreboard is the largest in the state of Michigan, the two at the north look great - love the Spartan logo.  And, on the north there is a scoreboard ring around the top as well.  Very cool.  If you look at the second to the last photo, coming from the Main Library across the Red Cedar river, you can not only see the two smaller north scoreboards, but also the south scoreboard peering over the top.

Then, walking back, Bob and I heard a pair of A-10s screeching across EL for the Folk Festival, around 500 feet in the air.  I only had my damn iPhone, so the last photo has a shot of it - but it ain't worth putting up there.  Instead, I found a shot online which looks EXACTLY like what that A-10 did, bounding left above Beaumont Tower.

Here are pics of the big hooka scoreboard on the south end:

North scoreboards are below:

Here is a photo of what we saw flying overhead today! Nice beauty and LOUD A-10!