The Blue Turf predicts Boise 38, MSU 6... and a "Seth pool" The Enlightened Spartan: The Blue Turf predicts Boise 38, MSU 6... and a "Seth pool"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Blue Turf predicts Boise 38, MSU 6... and a "Seth pool"

The ES had a lovely Q&A with the Blue Turf, digging into the Xs and Os, and the culture of the schools. What's to know about Boise football on Friday night, and what about Boise State University itself? The ES asks...

To read the ES's response to the Blue Turf, link here. Yes, there are no typos ("Seth pool", you gotta be kidding me) - take that for an Idaho edukation. :)

1 – Why doesn’t Boise State have orange turf? Or, green turf? Or grass (bluegrass from Kentucky, that way you can say it’s blue but really green)? Why the blue? Orange really?

BT: Green we don’t wear green uni’s like MSU does, so we wouldn’t be able to blend in. While I had never played on the Blue Turf in High school I had played on the old green turf and in 1985 it was time for a new turf and then Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier had a brilliant idea for a marketing ploy why not a Blue Field

2 – Michigan State is green and plays on a green field. But, Boise’s blue on a blue field is unique. Have you ever heard of the leather patch and the hidden ball tricks used by Carlisle to defeat Harvard? Why should Boise be any different with blue uniforms to hide their players on a blue field?

BT: LOL we often in Bronco Nation make jokes about people complaining about the uni’s and the field while it might provide for difficulties with video view special consider blue like green is a masking color(if you go any video editing you’d know what I mean by masking for the rest of you look it up I’m trying to keep my answers short.

3 – Is there a QB shuffle in Boise since the departure of Kellen Moore (who incidentally was picked up by our Detroit Lions), and what impact will that have on the matchup vs the Spartans?

BT: Thats a great question the answer is nope Boise State has a history of producing outstanding QB’s and certainly since 2001 and the arrival of Coach Pete it only seems to improve. While I read every day in the freep and other Detroit rags about Kellens arm not being in league with superman’s, I suspect why Kellen has had so many dropped passes by his team mates that have hit them dead in both hands has more to do with their inability to catch a pass with left handed spin on it. As for the next Boise State QB this we know for sure he will be taller he will have a stronger arm and he will have more game time experience then Kellen had when he went into Oregon and done what no school has ever been able to do and that is Beat the Ducks on their home turf. That all being said I would say we might see and even more balanced run pass offense then years passed but I digress dispite having possibly the deepest RB’s core Boise State has ever had the fact is they have two world class sprinters at WR and neither of their names are Miller, Boldewijn nor Moore, stay tune for my secret weapons post game day to learn who they are. SO I suspect that Boise State will remain a 50/50 run pass team as they have been in the past on I also suspect they yardage average will go up as compare to the past.

4 – How can your OL stop the Spartan defensive front (our best in 25 years) from breaking your quarterbacks in half?

BT: HAAHA, Lets see we are returning 8 guys with starting experance some of whom have been playing against top level NFL #1 draft picks as long as 4 years ago in BCS bowl games ( you guys know what a BCS Bowl game is right I know you’ve never been to one) over those years Boise States Line has given up a grand total of 5—6 & 7 sacks keep in mind that’s is with the slow footed short Kellen Moore back there so I suspect they will handle Sparty’s Line just fine special when Gohlston is in while he might be very tall his upper body strength is obviously week and his first step is very much lacking as it also appears he not only takes plays off but has a bad temper I believe due in part because he’s such a poor player and gets owned a lot. I know 40 times and size and all but folks watch the tape the kid is not good against average OT’s

5 – The ES had a helluva time trying to find results from the first year Boise played football (in 1933)… what gives? Why not put all of the results in the media guide, regardless of your competitive level – y’all hiding something? Seems as if everything before 1968 is embarrassing or unimportant…

BT: HAHA common cry of Boise State haters special from fans that are about to witness a quality program first hand is schedule , It should be noted first that while the MeatChickens and the Heathen of Notre Dame site 1 and 2 with life time win % Boise State is only hundredths behind in 3rd.

6 – If the ES were to go to the MSU @ Boise game in 2022… what bar that exists now that hopefully will exist, and at age 54, will enlighten the ES to the bubbles of Boise?

BT: Well it should be known I live right here in Michigan, that being said there are many Bars that have been around since even back in my playing days , All depends what you are looking for.

7 – OK. Boise State and the Transcontinental Football Conference. The WAC one year, the Mountain West the next, and now the worst of all - The Big Least. Why join that sorry conference?… trying to stir up a football rivalry with Rutgers? I guess not enough interested fans in the Great Northwest? If Boise's intentions were for anything other than opportunism and BC$ money…then join in all sports, not split between a 1,500-mile weekly trip to the Big Least in football, then stepping down a notch to the Left Coast with Big West games in all other sports. In other words, Boise is hiring the football players to be sent out East for more money, and more difficult studying experiences, to help fund the experiences of non-football players? It all smells, well, like potatoes. What say you Boise nation?

I believe this link is the best way to answer that question.

8 – What crowd can the Spartans expect from the Boise nation (how many Boise fans are traveling to East Lansing) when it opens the season along the Red Cedar River?

BT: A mixed one a knowledgeable one and I know that MSU has given Boise additional tickets since the first 2,500 sold out in like 1 hour. While Boise as a school sold all it’s a lot meant to every major travel game east ward and to the BCS bowl(see meatchickens had to pay to play in sugar 2012 sugar bowl) I would suspect about 4,000 will be coming from Idaho another 4-6 thousand from the Midwest. Example though Toledo came on the heels of the Georgia game we still had over 2,500 there and of those there 80% where from either Michigan or Ohio. See video of example

I understand most people from Michigan don’t travel outside the state much other than to corn country but what you will quickly learn is some basic economic facts. 1. Idaho has more Millionaires per capita than any state in the Union, Boise has been home to more Fortune 500 companies then any other city to include New York and the state of Delaware for over 15 years, also ranked the #1 city these last 10 years running as the best major city over 100k to raise your family and start a new business in by Forbes . So what am I getting at well they will be better educated than most all sparty fans certainly have way more cash in their bank account, they have very high standards and great morale character so all in all not people you guys are use to seeing. Some drink like fishes others don’t drink at all and all will be packing they have no illusion about the Seth pool they are coming to. They’ve seen hard core pawn they know you are broke both financially and morally.

9 – What is the best burger in Boise?

BT: Well the last time I had a burger in Boise was 13 years ago and the place has only gotten more famous since then, I recently seen them on a great eat food channel show , hands down in Boise it would be Big Juds they serve up a 3lber if you can eat it in 30 minutes it’s on the house. That Being said the best burger I have every eaten in my life comes out of Pocatello Idaho from a little family place that’s been there for ever called Nicks Burgers hands down cream even the best you can get at Red Coat tavern on Woodard in Royal Oak.

10 – Who is a famous, non-athlete alum from Boise State, and do you count them as an alum if they graduated or attended prior to 1968?

BT: There are many great ones and all would come long before Boise State was even a college many who help make the school today and without which you couldn’t eat your dinner, nor have that lovely smart phone you use. As someone from Michigan I am always quite amazed at the ignorance and lack of knowing just what a shit whole state you live in because well you’ve never experienced anything outside of your Mercury poisoned rivers and lakes who’s only real native fish is nothing more than a large minnow! Yet you dare call it a trout LOL , with all the acid rain that’s been falling on your heads since birth I have no wonder hy Michigan has been such a failed state for so long :D

11 – Which playmaker on the Bronco offense is most likely to burn the Spartan defense?

BT: WOW I really don’t want to answer that question because we are keeping that a secret, I will say this in camp William Rhodes has been a holy terror and if this young man see the field which I believe he will he can take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

12 – Who on the Bronco defense should the Spartan offense be most concerned about?

BT: Bacon! Gavin! Taylor, Hightower, Smith Ricky I could go on. I guess Taylor though Bacon can ruin a person whole day That’s a hard question really we have so many play makers on D despite what the espn writers tell you we are loaded on D.

13 – The past two seasons, Michigan State is 14-0 at home, and 22-6 overall. What is Boise’s key to being the first team to defeat the Spartans in East Lansing since 2009?

BT: Just be Boise State, come in likes it’s just another business trip and take care of business because that’s what they do.

14 – Ummm, final score prediction?

BT: I’ve thought about this much over the last 2 months. When you look for comparison games it would seem for Boise State this game match more to the 2008 game against the Ducks,(that was the last time the ducks lost at home by the way) Though in the end the scare appeared close it was only really close in the first 7 minutes after that Boise State blew them out and after knocking out their and his back up Oregon was force to burn they’re studs red shirt, the kid who blew up Wisconsin last year in the Rose bowl you can blame Boise State for why he has another year . Kellen being a first year QB and all and playing a ton of freshmen Iloka, Winn, Taylor, Cory DJ Haper, yep that’s right DJ Harper and Jamar Taylor both played in that 08 game and both will be starting August 31 as well. At the same time many want to look to the 09 game against the Ducks and eventual pac champs, low scoring defensive domination game, many see the game that way because of the lack of depth for MSU at WR and an inexperienced QB for both teams. So over the last 2 week I have dove into a ton of MSU tape as much as I could get my hands on, and after hearing from the BSU players I know, reports I see leaking out and the current injury prone MSU OL a QB who’s last meaningful pass was a pick 6 for a loss in his last high school football game in the state playoff game none the less in which that pick six was the difference and his inability to convert a 2 point conversion losing 26-19 , I also watch he foot work very poor kid seems like a klutzs in the back field add in he’s from Midland of all place then there is zero experience at WR and one RB sorry unless someone brain farts for Boise which could happen I just don’t see sparty getting in the end zone with the first team anyway. Now on the other side Boise is so loaded with play makers and the play book to make it happen I see either a kick return (opening kick that is) or a punt return going to the house in this one possibly early I see a couple pass plays going the distance a couple nice runs as well so on the conservative side 38-6 if I was a liberal 54-13. I should add Boise State is real keen on building up games with all their special uni’s most of which they have yet to wear and I have to believe with coach selecting just the normal away White jersey’s with the Blue helmet and orange pants he see the same thing I do when looking at the tape this game other then it’s BSU’s first trip to East Lansing is nothing special.