ES Game Day: MSU at Minnesota. 'Tis the end of Roushar, Lord have mercy. The Enlightened Spartan: ES Game Day: MSU at Minnesota. 'Tis the end of Roushar, Lord have mercy.

Friday, November 23, 2012

ES Game Day: MSU at Minnesota. 'Tis the end of Roushar, Lord have mercy.

Wow, didn't expect to be here.  The ES is gonna give kudos to both the Sloth and to CHock for their pre-season picks on MSU.  Both guessed 8 wins, and were closest to the prediction of MSU winning AT BEST 6 games in the regular season. CHock called it best: "But we will lose at least one because of inexperience by our rookie QB. Cousins was really, really good and we’ll miss that." 

Looks like this is the buffoon's last game - offensive coordinator Dan Roushar may be a goner.  We will all toss some salt over a shoulder, kiss a rabbit's foot, and say a Hail Mary or three that it is the end for the dolt calling the plays for MSU.  When an assistant coach apologizes to the faithful - he's on the chopping block.

That said, tomorrow is THANK GOD the season finale.  This is the final preview of the season.

Time: 3:30 ET.
Weather: 34 and partly sunny
Spread:  MSU favored by 8

Sagarin Rankings: MSU #42, Minny #66

  • CFN/Scout MSU 20-13
  • Freep Rexrode MIN 17-16, Sharp MIN 24-14, Seidel MSU 27-17
  • Tom MSU 27-14, Brent MSU 19-16
  •  Ritteberg MSU 20-16, Bennett MSU 24-17
ES sez:  How dumb can the Spartan coaching staff be?  Is MD trying to instill confidence, or is he instead misdiagnosing his team when he sez: "When we win Saturday -- and I'll say when -- we'll be a 6-6 football team."  Why in god's name would the Doctor give the Gophers bulletin board material, especially after watching the MSU buffoonery on the sidelines and the poor decision-making on the field ALL YEAR LONG? 

OK, this is easy.  Let's predict this real quick.  #1 - Is Maxwell starting on Saturday at QB?  YES.  #2 - Is Roushar still the offensive coordinator for MSU on Saturday?  YES.

'Nuff said.  Each will find a way to screw it up in as stupid, maddening, and unnecessary way as possible.  The ES hopes a nor'easter or a massive blizzard from the Yukon swipes over Minneapolis to make life miserable tomorrow.  Lord have mercy.  ES sez:  Minnesota 26, Michigan State 24.  

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