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Sunday, November 25, 2012

MSU vs Minnesota victory = Fire Roushar


Congrats to getting to a miserable 6-6 record by beating lowly Minnesota, 26-10.  Michigan State CRUSHED Minnesota 421-96 in total yards, but the play calling on offense and the poor execution by QB Maxwell really made things far more difficult than necessary today. Thanks to LeVeon Bell, and his 266 yards rushing on 35 carries.  Unbelievable performance by Bell.

My first thoughts, on reading the quote from coach Dantonio: ""I thought the game plan to run the football against what they did was very effective. I thought our offensive line played very effectively. It's good to see. ...When you look and you see some of the statistics, you wonder why the game isn't a little bit more lopsided. But you've got to score touchdowns in the red zone. We've kicked a lot of field goals this year, and those are things that we've got to work on as we go into bowl season."

1) You wonder???? Duhhhh.... why in Jesus' name do you PASS the ball on first down early in the game when LeVeon is running through and destroying defenses?  POOR COACHING, outthinking yourselves.  Jesus the ES was yelling through the third quarter trying to figure out what was going on.
2) Then, Maxwell throwing (13-of-29 or 44%) for the game was AWFUL, especially in the Red Zone. He over and under threw receivers all day long, if he didn't throw an INT. Instead of leading the team Maxwell was a liability, not adding ANYTHING.
3) Maxwell did not add value to the team today.
4) THE SPARTAN DEFENSE IS INCREDIBLE.  Holding Minnesota to under 100 total yards, and this offense can barely muster 27 points?  Pathetic, really.

What does all of this mean:

1) Fire Dan Roushar.  His play-calling in this game was as bad as it was all year long.  Throwing the ball on first down when Bell is running wild is.... STUPID. Just total dumb-ass.  I know MSU needs to mix up the play-calling, but not on first down with a sub-par QB in Maxwell.... umm... The ES figures the change in calling plays later in the game was because of Dantonio (or someone Spartan in the stands yelling loud enough for him to hear) demanding that every play be run to LeVeon Bell (funny how it worked). The passing calls were stupid, dumb, moronic the entire game.
2) Bench Andrew Maxwell.  He is awful. Anyone who thinks this guy is any good is high as a kite.  Maxwell can't throw the deep ball well, throws the out pattern short, or just makes very very poor decisions (note the pick-six).  Maxwell can't audible, he telegraphs his passes, and he can't execute in the toughest positions. Mawelll is NOT  a play maker.  He is not.
3) Run Bell.  Just run him.  Find different ways (not a screen play) to get the ball in his hands.  Don't pass the ball.  Just give the goddam thing to him, preferably in the deep-I formation.
4) Where the hell was Dion Sims?  The best receiver on the team, and just one catch for four yards?

I hate this offense because the talent is so great but the coaching and Maxwell's play are AWFUL.  It is really a shame for the defense.


  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    EL, you nailed it dead on. Roushar is clearly a liability. He is NOT an OC. If he can't do it at this stage in his career, he'll never be able. To keep him in that position is a dis-service to the MSU faithful.

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    MSU Faithful?

    More like Spartan fans with short term memories and at best pee-wee coaching experience...throwing darts from the shadows. Dantonio, Roushar, and coaching staff have done a great job raising MSU into a respected program! Despite close loses to good teams the players never quit on them. Too bad these fair weather fans have.