MSU can't overcome mistakes, refs The Enlightened Spartan: MSU can't overcome mistakes, refs

Saturday, November 03, 2012

MSU can't overcome mistakes, refs

I give up.  MSU wuz robbed by the referees throughout the game, but made enough mistakes on its own to lose to Nebraska.  If the Spartans stop Nebraska on 4th and 10 with :40 seconds left... or before than, if they even made a 1st down with 1:40 left, they win the game.  But, they couldn't make the final play and gave the Corn the chance.

Referring was brutal - what the personal foul was on the 100 yard INT runback for a TD, I have no idea, we will never know.  The interference call in the endzone at the end of the game was bullshit.  The Spartans were sold out; but, they still had to make plays to win, and couldn't.

I gotta get out of this town.  The Spartans are killing me.  This year, it's one step back to Same Old Spartans...

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