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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Quick Guide & predictions for the New Year Day Bowls

God I love January 1 bowl games. It's just so much damn fun to watch, with or without Michigan State playing.  Today's lineups are:
  • Gator (noon, ESPN2):  Mississippi State vs Northwestern.  ES picks the Purple.
  • Heart of Dallas Bowl (noon, ESPNU):  Purdue vs Oklahoma State.  ES picks the Okies.
  • Capital One Bowl (1 pm, ABC):  Georgia vs Nebraska. ES picks UGA.
  • Outback (1 pm, ESPN):  South Carolina vs Michigan.  ES picks his place of birth in the heart of Dixie.
  • Rose Bowl (5 pm, ESPN):  Wisconsin vs Stanford.  ES picks the Trees.
  • Orange Bowl (8 pm, ESPN):  Northern Illinois vs Florida State.  ES picks the Bowdens. 
And, other predictions:
  • Biggest blowout:  Oklahoma State vs Purdue.
  • Best game: Northwestern vs Miss State. 
  • Biggest potential upset:  Wisky over Stanford, with Alvarez as coach he might do what Bielema couldn't.
  • What ES will be watching:  Dallas, Gator, Rose, Outback. 
  • Best guarantee of ES rooting for:  South Carolina over Michigan.
  • Prediction of Big Ten in bowls:  2-5; 2 wins (MSU, Northwestern), 5 losses (Minny, Wisky, Purdon't, Corn, Maize). 

Hope everyone had a great 2012 and a happy and safe new year's. 

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  1. So far, early on, biggest surprise is Nebraska hangin with Georgia