ES likes Florida radio more than MSU's Teeman; Spartans turnover loss to Florida The Enlightened Spartan: ES likes Florida radio more than MSU's Teeman; Spartans turnover loss to Florida

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ES likes Florida radio more than MSU's Teeman; Spartans turnover loss to Florida

Wow, listened to the basketball game last night on the computer via Yahoo, and the Spartans LOSING to Florida, 77-74, for its first loss of the year.

Before I share brief thoughts of the game, I'll say that the ES was impressed with U of Florida's radio announcers (couldn't get MSU radio on Yahoo gametracker, but I could get Florida's) -- far superior than the very poor coverage by Will Teeman over the years for Michigan State. Teeman always misses plays, has long delays after crowd roars before explaining what he saw, and is significantly biased toward Michigan State. Whenever I hear Teeman, I cringe and question the authenticity of what is being reported, though I like Matt Steigenga's coverage. Not so with U of Florida announcers last night, as they were as stunned as everyone else with MSU's loss (and I put in in that perspective, MSU's loss, not Florida's win). Several times the Florida announcers questioned calls against Michigan State and stated they would have reversed it, including touchy-tack back to back calls vs Delvon Roe, and impressive scouting on Spartan players and Izzo's style. Very straightforward and good reporting. Will Teeman, if you are reading this, you can learn a few lessons by listening to their broadcast on tape.

That said, what I took away from the game was this: critical free throws missed at the end of the game, as well as far too many turnovers: 23 TOs by MSU to 11 for Florida. You won't win in any sport giving the other team 12 more chances than yourself to score. Korie Luciuos played awful with 4 turnovers and 0 points - something he has a tendency to do. As reported, the Spartans played sloppy in front of hundreds of MSU fans in New Jersey at the Legends Classic... and you could hear the Spartan Nation loud on the radio. I'm shocked we were even in the game the way we turned it over," Izzo said.

Let's not be alarmed. MSU will drop from its #2 ranking, but the Spartans always start slow in the non-conference season and rise as the season moves along. The fact MSU led for most of the second half with as many turnovers as it did says it has the tools for long term success... and knows what it needs to work on to get there. REDUCE TURNOVERS.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Morgan can't play on the road. 19 minutes and zero points. If he doesn'T play good State wont win a national title.