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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Michigan State - Purdue EVEN; Bowl Projections

The early line from Las Vegas LVSC Open has Michigan State vs Purdue as an even spread; Illinois is favored by 5.5 over Northwestern; Ohio State is favored by 13 over Iowa; Wisky is favored by 8 over Michigan; Joe Pa is favored by 17.5 over Indiana.

Interesting bowl projections over at ESPN, with Mark Schlabach having MSU at the Insight Bowl vs Texas Tech and Bruce Feldman with the Big Green in the Alamo Bowl vs Kansas State; Adam Rittenberg also picks MSU in the Alamo Bowl vs the Big 12. This, of course, assumes a win over Purdue before our annual stint against Joe Pa.

USA Today's recent poll has Wisky up to #20, Iowa down to #15, Ohio State up to #8, and Joe Pa down to #17. Notre Dame got the axe, not even getting one vote after their loss to Navy. Can we say OVERRATED and the ES TOLD YOU SO.

1Florida (48)9-01460
2Texas (4)9-01399
3Alabama (7)9-01389
6Boise State9-01200
7Georgia Tech9-11118
8Ohio State8-2944
15Miami (FL)7-2685
17Penn State8-2552
18Oklahoma State7-2530
21Virginia Tech6-3268
22Brigham Young7-2216
23West Virginia7-2121
24South Florida6-2106

Dropped from rankings: Oklahoma 20, Notre Dame 21, California 23
Others receiving votes: Clemson 71, Stanford 54, Oregon State 39, Texas Tech 36, Nebraska 31, Navy 28, Temple 8, CENTRL MICHIGAN 8, North Carolina 7, Boston College 7, Oklahoma 6, Rutgers 3, Tennessee 3, Mississippi 2, Fresno State 1, Kansas State 1

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Formula for 8-4

    What if we drop Notre Dame from the schedule and load up on lower division teams from the MAC. Would ensure a 4-0 non conferance that way if we go 4-4 in conferance we reach our goal of 8-4 and worst case scenario we lose every close game which is 3-5 in Big Ten bottom line is we still finish 7-5 with a decent Bowl

    Example replace Central Michigan with Eastern Michigan and Notre Dame with Akron. We are now 7-3 with the Alamo bid assured and if we beat Purdue 8-4. Lets get to 8-4 any way we can . What good does it do to play a tough schedule and finish 6-6 every year. 8-4 will get you in the Outback bowl every other year. We could play on New Years day 5 years out of ten instead of once a decade.