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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spartan football press conference Thursday

There will be an updated Spartan football conference on Thursday, with a status on everything in spring ball so far. The main highlight to date is former backup QB Keith Nichol at WR. Looks like he will be Michigan State's wild card this fall on offense, doing lots of things from a variety of positions. We'll have a better, more in depth report on how players are faring when we hear the press conference tomorrow.

The two main things to be concerned about in Dantonio Year #4: defensive backfield, and the offensive/defensive interior. If those are average, MSU should notch at least 8 wins.

Remaining practice schedule:

April 8, practice #7
April 9, practice #8
April 10, practice #9
April 13, practice #10
April 15, practice #11
April 17, practice #12
April 20, practice #13
April 22, practice #14
April 24. Spring Game, Spartan Stadium. 1 pm EST.

Huge wins lamest interview ever:

On the Huge Show today, Bill Simonson had about the most pathetic interview I ever heard with Michigan head coach RichRod. He once again demonstrated his love for Michigan athletics by swallowing his tongue: "Will you win a BCS or Big Ten Titles?" "Have you talked to the new Athletic Director and what did he say?"

I was just expecting RichRod to say, "I expect to be a total failure and never contend for championships." And, "I never even met the new AD. He has shown zero interest in me and my program, which is the way I want it."

Funny thing is, he thought it was so great, he played it twice, in the 3:00 and 5:00 hours. Pathetic.

The "Huge" wasn't even close to "Big, Bad, Huge". He was small, and was a wiener. Today, his show was so dumb-ass, and U-of-M-loving. He showed his true colors today.

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