Best defensive performance in ES' 45 years of life: Spartans crucify Wolverines The Enlightened Spartan: Best defensive performance in ES' 45 years of life: Spartans crucify Wolverines

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Best defensive performance in ES' 45 years of life: Spartans crucify Wolverines

LET'S BE HONEST. WE KNOW WHAT WE SAW. That includes this jerk in our Section 19, who kept yelling "where's that defense?"  What an idiot. 

Spartans were up 16-6, dominating on defense.  MSU just got the ball at midfield, but they had a tough time moving the ball throughout the game.  QB Connor Cook rolled right and lofted a ball - a bad pass - intercepted by Michigan, returned to the MSU 40.

And, then the dance began.

Michigan State beared down in a Herculean effort greater than any effort I have seen in my life.  Three straight plays, three sacks in a row, mauling and overrunning that Wolverine offensive line.  Instead of moving the ball into Spartan territory, the Wolverines retreated 21 yards!!!  Time to punt; and, MSU took that return, made it into a drive that ended all the way in the end zone.  

I have been alive since 1968.  But, I never thought I'd ever see complete devastation by a MSU defense until what I saw today... luckily, the Spartans used their horror to destroy Michigan.

We destroyed them. Humiliation. Annihilation.  Obliteration.  Mauling.  Destruction.  Cremation.  Dilapidation.  Decapitation. Whipping.  Slaughter.  Massacre.

It was a feast of roadkill. That Spartan defense ate Michigan alive.

While humiliation is a good word for what I saw today - it was closer to a burial. As predicted by the ES, Michigan State's defense dug a hole and buried Gardner like a potato.   Time and time again.  Stomped on Gardner as if he were a fly.  Seven sacks?  Is that all? it seemed like 30 sacks.  He was running for his life all game long. 

And, Michigan had two weeks to prepare for this.  You could have given them two months and it would not have mattered.  Michigan State is just a far far better football team than that line of blue.

Michigan had 29 attempts at running, for -48 yards rushing in a 6-29 mauling at the hands of Michigan State. In other words, every time they ran the ball, Michigan lost 1.7 yards. It was the worst outing in the history of Michigan football.  And, it looked worse than that. Seven sacks by the Spartans, and 11 tackles for loss.  Another 7 QB hurries, 3 pass breakups. Wow.  Talk about pressure.  And, complete domination.  Michigan finished the game a meager 2-of-14 (14%) on third downs. Look at the MSU defensive stats, lit up like a Christmas tree.

Love the quote from Brady Hoke on Gardner: "He had taken a lot of shots earlier in the game, and he's a little bit warn out. I wouldn't say he has an injury. I'd say beat up." Or, this from Hoke:  "I think they played awfully well and executed awfully well. I don't think we did."

Better yet was this from Spartan LB Denicos Allen: ""Two years ago wasn't nothing. It was a lot worse today, and I think they felt it."


At the end of the third quarter, Devin Gardner  had just threw away the 7th of 8 throws against an incredible Michigan State's defensive rush.  Next play, to Jeremy (built up to be a "God for catching 300+receiving yards in a game") Gallon, was caught but he fumbled, losing the yards just gained and leading to a punt ... a play that defined Michigan's destiny as no match against the more talented and physical Michigan State team.  Gallon was a mere afterthought in this game, as was anyone on the Michigan offense.  

Well, I guess Connor Cook is less talented of a QB than Devin Gardner, right?  Ummm.... lookit the stats:

Cook: 18-33, 252 yds,  1 TD, 1 INT.  Rush: 5 carries, -15 yds
Gardner 14-27, 210 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT. Rush: 18 carries, -46 yds

Jesus, Cook outplayed Gardner.  Not as flashy, but certainly more effective within his offensive scheme. 

And, Fitz Toussant with his "little brother" comment?  Gimme a break.  He had 20 yards on 8 carries; a complete non-factor. 

However, today belonged to the Spartan defense, solidifying itself as the best in the land.  The Spartan defense DOMINATED Michigan the entire game, pushing around that offensive line as if the UM O-Line were filled with rag dolls. Embarrassing?  Yes. Beautiful?  Absolutely.

Can't wait 'til Michigan returns next year.  They can come to East Lansing anytime.  

Enjoy the pics below.

Today was the best defensive football game I have ever seen Michigan State University play in my lifetime.  Period. 

1st Downs1219
3rd down efficiency
4th down efficiency
Total Yards168394
Yards per pass
Rushing Attempts
Yards per rush
Fumbles lost
Interceptions thrown


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