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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alamo Bowl near sellout

Spartan fans traveling to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl expected to be outmanned in the stands when its team travels over 1,000 miles from its home to play a team in its home state. That's the case at the Alamo Bowl, where it looks like it is going to be a sellout of 65,000 seats... and the majority will be wearing red and black.

Tech sold 14,800 tickets through its athletic ticket office, according to assistant athletic director Dave Welsh. A Michigan State spokesman said through last weekend MSU had sold about half its allotment, which would be about 5,500 tickets.

Now, we just need to break out about 5,000 gallons of green and white body paint and the Spartan Nation will be all set.

So, if you still need tickets, link here.

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