Suspension Bowl line still at TTU -8 The Enlightened Spartan: Suspension Bowl line still at TTU -8

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Suspension Bowl line still at TTU -8

OK, after the ES' rant and rave on Mike Leach's reported stupidity, the ES settles down and goes back to read more on the game and previews. Mind you, the suspension because of player mistreatment is directed at serious medical and ethical issues that will be very difficult for Leach to get out from under. Bottom line, regardless of how players, coaches, and parents get along... as a coach you are in hot water if you don't listen to a trainer's recommendations. If communication is a problem, then deal with the communication issue... locking a high-profile kid in a room doesn't solve that; and Leach has learned that the hard way.

This is a bit different then Leach earlier this spring making a player study for an hour in a blizzard on the 50-yard line because he missed study hall; that was directed at encouraging the kid to learn, although you question that punishment as well... I'm sure the kid didn't get much done (ummm, maybe he is there to play football and doesn't want to learn? Not sure if standing in a blizzard solves that).

ES still shakes his head in astonishment at this one.

Still not a lot of movement yet on the betting lines, as all continue to hover around 8 or 8 1/2 in TTU's favor. However, Leroy's Casino dropped from 8 to 7 1/2 after the news of the Leach suspension hit.

ES had to laugh at comment from Louis... should we rename this from the Alamo Bowl to the "Suspension Bowl"

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