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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dantonio lays down the law: Zero Tolerance policy at dissapointed Michigan State football program

Earlier today, Mark Dantonio set forth his zero tolerance policy, and compared the last week's events as "devastating" and a "hurricane" to the program. He stated that all those at the incident at Rather Hall on Nov. 22 will remain suspended and will NOT play in the bowl game.

MD was adamant, direct, and laid down the law. The ES is impressed at how MD is handling the situation, swiftly, directly, and strongly... However, it makes one wonder with all of the personal foul calls on the field this year if there is a correlation with the behavior of the players off the field. The fact that MD had "no inkling" of what was going in is a bit concerning that he doesn't have a pulse on such a large component of his program. That is a concern, and one that hopefully will be righted.

[PS - MD said to let the truth get out before rushing to judgment, and we've only heard one side of this story. Certainly there are many times athletes are singled out and picked on as "dumb jocks" by non-athletes and other students... and are injured (including current players on this football team being sucker-punched by students), but you hear nothing of it unless the cause and effect is from the athletes.]

The ES joins the Spartan Nation as being appalled at this stupidity by the suspended players and is glad they are going home for the holidays.

Key quotes from MD:

"Obviously with the situation that happened last week, we're extremely disappointed. We talk all the time about our choices as people and about making the right choice. I think it's a very traumatic experience for this program, and we have got to be able to get past this situation.

Also, I think it's extremely devastating for the families that are involved in this. I've talked to every family that has been involved with this, and you know, a lot of people are reeling, so my heart goes out to those people for what they are going through, as well.

We also must recognize that there's a lot of speculation out there from the public and a lot of different stories floating around and I think it's important that we get to the truth. I have always tried to speak the truth whenever I have spoken to you as a group or spoken in general and I think that's important.

The opportunity to play on this football team and in a bowl game is a privilege, and not a given right. With that said, all those present at the incident in question will remain on indefinite suspension and will not make the trip nor play in the bowl game.

Here are other key Q and A from the Doctor's comments:

Q. Can the suspended players watch bowl practice?

MD: No. The players are suspended indefinitely and that means this entire building is off limits and anything that has to do with this football program, including their academic area. They are not to be in there at points in time when the rest of our football players are in there, including our training room.

Q. To be clear, the reason for the suspensions, was it where they were there or how they reacted afterward?

MD: It was both. It was both, because they put themselves at risk by going there, and given the opportunity that they had to immediately come to me and tell me that there was a problem; it didn't happen.

Q. When you make the decision to suspend the player versus dismiss, does that mean that after a second chance, there are no more strikes?

MD: Zero tolerance played into that decision. After being given a second opportunity, there is a zero tolerance policy; meaning that if there are any issues whatsoever, it's a done deal. And so those two will remain dismissed. There is no way to back in the door. They are done.

Q. Did you have any inkling before that there might have been any kind of an altercation and maybe guys looking for trouble?

MD: No, there was no inkling. There was nothing. There was nothing there. And again, that's part of the disappointment because obviously, there was more than one person that knew about this, and this could have been easily prevented with just a little bit of a tug on the shoulder. It didn't have to be me, but they could have gone to anybody in our program. That's why when you go to the level of suspension for the others; this could easily have been prevented. It wasn't like we weren't meeting that day. We had a 3:30 p.m. team meeting. We also had a feel good banquet, to celebrate our football team and celebrate our seniors, so it's a disappointment (no one came forward).

Q. At any point, did you or the administration debate not playing in the bowl game?

MD: No, absolutely not. We have 95 players that did not do anything wrong.

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