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Friday, October 09, 2009

Confirming Michigan Arrogance - Gutter Talk

Two whiners that confirm scUM arrogance. Didn't they ever learn from their mamas that if you're an idiot, it's best to shut your piehole instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt? So much for congratulating your opponent, scUM sinks into the gutter this week:

#1 For those of you who didn't hear the WJR Paul W Smith - Mark Dantonio swashbuckling this week, here's a summary of the Ann Arbor arrogance:

Host Paul W. Smith, a Michigan graduate, was asking Dantonio about the looks on the faces of Michigan State fans when the Wolverines sent the game to overtime. Dantonio said: "Well Paul, hold on a second Paul. Hold on a second. Because the look I saw on Michigan's faces were, 'Oh no, the Spartans beat us again.' That's the look I saw when I walked off the field." Dantonio finished by saying: "No, you're missing my point. I'm tired of talking about Michigan. I'm tired of talking about Michigan. You're missing my point. We got it done on Saturday. End of story."

Even when the sad Yellow Bellies lose, they can't help but talk about themselves first, instead of talking about the OTHER TEAM (in this case, Michigan State), that won. This is arrogance personified. Thanks for the confirmation, Paul W! What an ass.

#2 - Just listen to the radio broadcast of scUM radio network's Frank Beckman, talking about the "Big Bad Wolf" that is MSU which defeated the Yellow Bellies. It starts out with a broadcast of George Blaha and Michigan State, but then the last half is of the Michigan radio crew. HAHAHAHA. Again, arrogance personified by Mr. Arrogant Bastard hisself, Frank Beckman.

God, I love beating scUM and watching them squirm and whine. What little sissies.

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