Saturday, October 31, 2009


Michigan State was COMPLETELY SCREWED in the worst officiating game in modern football history. In a pair of back to back plays, a fumble recovery by Michigan State was overturned by the replay officials, and a resulting TD by Minnesota after the receiver hit the ground and the ball popped back up and returned for a score -- is just beyond belief. Even the Gopher fans couldn't believe it.

Sure Michigan State's goalline offense needs work and left 8 points on the board, and its defensive secondary was burned early for 14 quick points... but the replay referees should be ASHAMED of themselves. They should be sanctioned and reprimanded.

What I don't understand is how the officials could OVERTURN the fumble. It just makes no sense. It is clear as day. What were they thinking or seeing? That really was the game-changer, and the officials should be fired for it. It was awful, worse than the call of Jeremy Ware on the hit vs Iowa last week. This is as bad as it gets, and it should lead to a call for review of the whole "review" process -- it is now out of control, reviewing everything and they are getting half the calls WRONG.

I've had it. Eliminate reviews; I've had it all year long. Most of the replay officials are wrong. Today, this is a disaster. Mark Dantonio should call out the replay officials, take a fine and in the off-season lead a charge to eliminate the process. It doesn't work.

MSU loses to Big Ten replay officials, 42-34. At least we didn't lose to Illinois by 25.


  1. You are absolutely right. The replay clearly shows possession by the receiver and his brief forward progress. My understanding of the rules is that for a call to be overturned, there must be indisputable proof that the call on the field is incorrect. I am not sure why the review went the way it did, but it was clearly unjust.

    I do not take away anything from Minnesota, who played well and showed heart. However, they did not experience any unjust calls that would balance out this clear error.

  2. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Any chance if two BCS teams go from the Big Ten and 8 bowl slots available that Hollis could lobby to go to the bowl in Detroit with a 5-7 record. I think the bowl would rather have 5-7 MSU than 6-6 Nothwestern. Than if we beat Central Michigan in the rematch Dantonio could be 6-7
    6-7 could be sold to recruits aa a winning program just an eyelash below 500

    Posted by: Spartan 81 | November 01, 2009

  3. I think the replay ref was afraid that if he didn't give the home team a freebie that the fans would storm the field to attack the refs...even though the vast majority of the 16 penalties were legitimate. Very sad.

  4. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Not true about no bad calls against Minnesota:
    1. Roughing the Passer call against Minnesota in 4th. Minnesota was clearly on the Michigan QB before he threw it it. Would have been 4th and long. Michigan went on to score.
    2. Unsportsmanlikeconduct - twice for celebrating a TD and a long pass, one of which was costly.

    Michigan got one of those too.

    Hey, this is collegiate ball, and they can't even celebrate? That's school spirit. Something's wrong here.

    Bottom Line - the worst officiated game I've even seen, and both teams were unjustly impacted.

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I agree with all that has been said by ES, about the Minny game.

    What I want to know is why the Big Ten Network game commentators don't call it like it is when they see garbage officiating. Isn't there freedom of the press here? One of the commentators, after insisting it was a fumble, a couple of times, just swallows meekly and says: "I guess I was wrong." Then the guys back in the studio say nothing about the officiating on either of the last two MSU games. It's all such a joke!

    Somebody has to hastle Dinardo, Revsine and crew into addressing this hole, at every Big Ten show opportunity. The Big Ten Commissioner owes us a statment on all of the crap too.

  6. Zach Clary10:58 PM

    Worse than the call on the Jeremy Ware hit? Oh you mean the one where he blatantly lead with his helmet. The one that all the sparty fans whine and piss over even though in every single video and from every camera angle you can see that everything about that hit was illegal?

    As for the Iowa - Indiana game. Indiana did get screwed but irregardless they still would have lost the game.

    I guess though for all the Hawkeye haters out there it all came around when the refs literally screwed Iowa every chance they got in the Northwestern game today.