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Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake the Posts - N'western, huh?

Our friends over at Lake the Posts give some insight into the 'Cats play, and they certainly see the glass as half full... the ES critiques LTP's commentary, just roughly. Nwestern is looking at the last two games as a season-saver, with predictible predictions of grandeur. Ummmm - the 'Cats registered gritty wins over, well, Purdue and Miami-Ohio? After a loss to Syracuse? Sorry, you should look like World Beaters after that schedule ("special teams has done a 180 the last two games" and "our D line has gone from atrocious to respectable the past two games".) Wait 'til we smack you upside the head. Over the same period, the Sparties played... Wisky, scUM, and Illinois. No, Sparty ain't hurtin'. We're hurtin' to hurt YOU, 'Cats. There won't be no 2007 repeat, we're a 12-pt fave 'cause we're gonna stomp on yer 'TROAT. Yes, who you play DOES matter.

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