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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michigan State v. Iowa previews

OK, so you're reading all the articles and YES, them Ugly Bird Hawkeyes are a 1-point favorite according to the MGM Mirage, Stations, and Leroy's Casinos in Vegas... but in the eyes of Caesars and the Hilton, its still an even spread. The national pundits are giving Iowa plenty of fodder to beat our ass, stating that they've got no respect. Thankfully, they aren't Spartan media, who respect the Hawkeyes just plenty. There is still some good HATE of Iowa to go around, let alone to buy. But, the ES figures it is tough to hate a team with nothing between it and 750 miles to the West (Denver), and 250 miles to the East (Chicago); rather, they're just boring but corn-fed tough.

Here's a preview from Fat Boy Hondo, Big Ten Network, and - the LSJ's Barry Kiel and Joe Rexrode with a nice preview of MSU-Iowa, with some bonus skinny of Spartan basketball:

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