Iowa + referees 15, Michigan State 13 The Enlightened Spartan: Iowa + referees 15, Michigan State 13

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iowa + referees 15, Michigan State 13

Wow, that hurt. What a heartbreaker. An amazing environment, as loud as Spartan Stadium has been in years. Best game, bar none, played at Spartan Stadium in the last decade. An epic battle. It's a shame we had to lose. Iowa will go home with the 15-13 W, but Michigan State made them pay with bone-crunching hits all game long. The Spartans should be proud of their effort; it is too bad they couldn't make the last play.

The Big Ten referees should be shot. Embarassing, embarassing performance, particularly the 15-yard personal foul call on Jeremy Ware called 2 MINUTES after laying out the Iowa receiver on a CLEAN HIT. That Field Judge, Terry Anderson, is an idiot and is an embarassment to the Big Ten. Terry Anderson should be removed from calling Big Ten games for the remainder of the year. The head referee, Bill LeMonnier, should be ashamed for leading the worst crew in the nation.

More later, but here are comments from Mark Dantonio. His comments say it all:


  1. What a great game and what a classy guy Mark Dantonio is. I am not an avid Spartan fan but I really felt it necessary to voice an opinion of what a lousy, gutless job of officiating happened in the last two or three minutes of the game. C'mon... a personal foul called MINUTES after the fact. I've never seen that before. I agree with the assessment that Bill LeMonnier (and the Big Ten) should be embarrased that this should tarnish what was otherwise a great college football game!

  2. It was a terrible officiating outing. In such a close matched game, they have no business forcing their ignorance on the outcome of the game, either by poor calls or clock management.

    It was B-A-D !

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Seventh place is on the line in Minneapolis. We need to focus on reality. Dantonio is capable of getting us 6th and 7th place every year. MSU will never be able to rise to the level of Wisconsin and Penn State. Hollis dream was to be 8-4 and have a team consistantly regarded as fourth or fifth in the Big Ten. That is not realistic but we can be number 6 or 7 every year and draw not top 25 opponents we can beat in the lower tier bowls. Minnseota wants what we have. This is an elimination game . Lets show the nation we will hold on to 7th place and will not sink down to the lower tier. Next week is an elimination game

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    A poor call or not (I'll be honest, I was there but didn't see the hit and they didn't replay it), it doesn't change the fact that the Spartans' defense still let Iowa get into field goal range multiple times earlier and let them score in the last seconds of the game. I heard a lot of crumbling, shouting, and ref name-calling in the stands, but blame for the loss needs to be directed at what really cost them the game--poor coaching and weak playing.

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I'm confused, I thought only Michigan fans complained about the officiating.

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I'm a Hawk fan, and I agree, those refs should be shot. They were missing so many blatent calls all night long. Every time an MSU player held one of our guys it didn't get called (and there were many). Every time one of your DBs molested one of our receiver well before the ball got there it didn't get called (except the most obvious one with just a few seconds left). Y'all got away with murder most of the night, but I can totally see why you would complain about one or two calls that (rightly- - "helmet to helmet" I'm looking at you) didn't go your way.
    The game never would have been close if the refs had done their jobs during the first 55 minutes, but if it makes you feel better to complain, go right ahead.

  7. Anonymous11:24 PM

    They're doing it again at Minnesota. Jeesh, these guys need some training or need a new job.