Chippewas deserved to beat Spartans, 29-27 The Enlightened Spartan: Chippewas deserved to beat Spartans, 29-27

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chippewas deserved to beat Spartans, 29-27

Dantonio wants adversity, he just got it. Michigan State was outplayed and, more specifically, outcoached by Central Michigan today, in CMU's surprising 29-27 upset over MSU in East Lansing. CMU deserved to win - today, they were the better team. Period.

Goes to show you what scheduling a DI-AA/FCS team does: nothing. We learned absolutely nothing from playing Montana State last week; if anything, MSU took two huge steps back in its loss today. What we did learn is that the Spartans exposed all their weaknesses vs the Chippewas: an awful offensive line, running backs that would rather dance than run hard, wideouts that have butterfingers, a defensive backfield that has more talk than walk, and a defensive coach that refused to turn his players loose on blitzes late in the game. And, what happened to Greg Jones today? Did someone put a sleeping pill in his gatorade; he made plays early and late, but in the middle of the game, he just kind of disappeared...

There really was only one positive: Kirk Cousins will be the starting QB, as he clearly outplayed a misfiring Keith Nichol for most of the game. Cousins led MSU on its best drive of the game, early in the 4th Quarter - when MSU last had the ball.

Give CMU credit. Now, MSU must play a pissed-off Notre Dame squad.

The ES wishes he was more pissed off - but he's not, because MSU didn't piss this game away; rather, the Spartans were just clearly outplayed all game long. The game ended the way it should have: an onside kick that CMU recovered; the Chips missing a FG, but getting another chance because MSU was offsides. Now THAT is the Same Old Spartans we know and love.

It is extremely disappointing, but this was basically our first game of the year. So, now let's see what improvement we can have now to next week.

Dantonio did NOT have his players nor his coaches ready. Period. They were looking ahead and should be ashamed of themselves. It's too bad.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    If you think Cousins is the answer over Nichol then the loses will contiune to come. Nichol has the mobility that you need in a quareterback

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Nicol blew an easy 3rd down pass that was 5 yards too short. Cousins looked more poised, but really the QB position is not our problem.

    We have a lot of other issues and the ES has it all right. CMU was the better team and deserved the win. We did not.

    Tough week of practice = victory at ND.

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM


  4. The CHIPS were so loose on Saturday. I believe Dan LeFevour said it best. "Pride comes before the CHIPS!"