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Friday, September 18, 2009

ND predictions & MSU Offensive line roster update

{UPDATED AT 2:35 PM} If you didn't know, the ES posted a new poll in the right column, give your thoughts on the key ingredient to victory over the Friggin' Irish.

Looks like Joel Nitchman is a go for the offensive line at center, but J'Michael Deane is a scratch. That's an imporvement, as we really need Nitchman, but watch out for the right side of the line which has been weaker in the first two games. Add to it that Chris Norman may be getting more reps at LB after the poor play by Brandon Denson.


Big Ten Network (MSU 27-24), Chicago Tribune, ESPN/Brian Bennett (ND 28-23), SpartyMSU (MSU 34-24), SportsNetwork (ND 34-24), Wojo/Det News (ND 35-20), Rakes of Mallow, Hammer and Rails (MSU 24-21), UHND.com (ND 34-23), ESPN/Adam Rittenberg (ND 28-27), Free Press (ND 28-24).

What drives me crazy about folks like Fred Bierman at the NYT is that this game "simply is a must win for the Irish." Or, ESPN's Adam Rittenberg, that the Irish "need it more." What about that other team? And not for MSU? It is that sort of disrespect that needs a slap in the face... At least the Chicago Tribune paints both sides equal.


A great, indepth article on Notre Dame CB Kyle McCarthy posted over at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. Said Chuck E Weis: "“Kyle's been (steady) for two years. He seldom misses a tackle and he's usually in the right spot. He comes up with big plays. His interception (against Michigan) led to a score.” He wears #28.

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