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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wisconsin favored by 3 over MSU

Latest Line from the bookies in Las Vegas: Michigan State is a 3 point underdog at Wisconsin on Saturday (kickoff slated for noon). Ohio State is favored by 15 at home over Illinois; N'western is favored by 1 at home over Minnesota. Michigan is favored by 18 at home over Indiana. JoePa is favored by 11 at home over Iowa. Notre Dame is favored by 7 at Purdon't.

For a 3-0 team like Wisconsin, the nation sure ain't buying into any long-term potential: not one single "also considered" votes for the Badgers in either the AP or USA Today Polls (OK, they got 2 votes in the USA Today poll... but point is made).

Adversity knocked the Doctor upside the head after last week's loss... this week, it's about ready to decapitate him. Let's see what he can do to get his team, and particularly the defense, to get over the hump. ES feels pretty confident in this Spartan team right now, even though they are 1-2.

If the ES were to rank the Big Ten right now (with Jeff Sagarin Rankings):

1. JoePa (3-0, all blowouts). #32 Sagarin
2. Ohio State (2-1, loss to USC). #18 Sagarin
3. Iowa (3-0, wins over Iowa St & Arizona). #7 Sagarin
4. Michigan (3-0, win over ND, two over girly-men). #29 Sagarin
5. Wisconsin (3-0, win over Fresno, two over woosies). #16 Sagarin
6. Minnesota (2-1, loss to Cal, two wins over sisters of the poor). #49 Sagarin
7. Michigan St. (1-2, loss to ND, CMU). #78 Sagarin
8. Indiana (3-0, all close wins over bad teams). #69 Sagarin
9. Illinois (1-1, blown out by Mizzou). #86 Sagarin
10. Northwestern (2-1, loss to Syracuse, barely beat EMU). #112 Sagarin
11. Purdue (1-2, loss to Oregon, Northern Illinois). #66 Sagarin.

AP Poll (week #3, September 20, 2009).

1Florida (55)3-01488
2Texas (2)3-01428
3Alabama (3)3-01390
5Penn State3-01212
8Boise State3-01038
9Miami (FL)2-0920
11Virginia Tech2-1852
13Ohio State2-1810
16Oklahoma State2-1478
18Florida State2-1363
19Brigham Young2-1349
22North Carolina3-0271

Dropped from rankings: Georgia Tech 14, Utah 18

Others receiving votes: Missouri 115, Georgia Tech 102, Auburn 100, Pittsburgh 91, UCLA 62, Iowa 39, Oregon 30, Texas Tech 19, Notre Dame 16, Utah 12, Clemson 11, Colorado State 4, Oregon State 4, South Florida 1

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