ES previews Big Ten games for Week 5 The Enlightened Spartan: ES previews Big Ten games for Week 5

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ES previews Big Ten games for Week 5

The ES prognosticates about this week's Big Ten stints:

scUM at Michigan State (-2): The ES was very bearish on the Spartans after the Wisky game... but then reading all the smacktalk from the Yellow Bellies and looking at their pink-ish schedule definitely makes the ES bullish. Take the Spartoonies.

Northwestern at Purdon't (-8): A 24-21 Boiler effort against the Irish puzzles the ES. But, the ES still shakes his head at the Cats losing to Syracuse. Take the Boilers.

Wisky at Minny (-3): The Gopher homefield doesn't look so homey after their 14-point loss to Cal, then Cal getting the shit knocked out of them (42-3) at Oregon. Take Wisky.

Joe Pa (-4) at Illinois: Illinois sucks; Joe Pa is good... it's just that Iowa is better. Take the Old Man.

Ohio State (-17.5) at Indiana. Ohio State is, get this, 45-2-2 in the last 50 years over Indiana. That is a ridiculous 92% win percentage. Indiana last beat Ohio State in 1987 and 1988. They may be improved this year, but not enough to overcome history. Take the Buckeyes.

Arkansas State at Iowa (-21.5). Wonder who?

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