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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Donovan Warren = AA. Arrogant Ass

Michigan Arrogant Asses Personified: Exhibit 1. scUM CB Donovan Warren: "we are still Michigan and this is our state.” You read that Kirk Cousins? Time to LIGHT HIM UP!

Other notes for Michigan State v scUM:
College Football News experts: 4 of 5 pick MSU, CBSSports gives a bland preview, Bleacher Report provides three keys to victory for both teams, notes from Dick Rod that "Michigan won't have a full walk-through Friday when it arrives in East Lansing for its first road game of the season", SpartyMSU predicts a scUM "will be beaten this week", Freep's Shannon Shelton talks about MD closing practice to "pesky reporters"... more later.


  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    For the CFN picks it was actually 4/4 with the one vote for UM being a coin flip.

  2. "This is our state"??? Is this bum even FROM Michigan? F U, Donovan, ya big mouth scUMbag.