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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Same Old Spartans? YES

Mark Dantonio has a lot to respond to this week on behalf of his team, in response to its 38-30 worse-than-the-score-indicates whipping at Wisconsin.

At the beginning of the year, MD said "we'll see how this team can handle success." Well, we have our answer: They can't handle it. After a 9-4 season a year ago, MSU now is taking steps backward every week, with MSU looking its worst this year in the loss to the Badgers.

Not taking anything away from Wisky, which pounded MSU with authority and took advantage of the MSU secondary. MSU pass defense now has a target on its back as an incompetent, clueless, and unemotional secondary without confidence. It is the worst in the Big Ten, and it is costing MSU. Trenton Robinson? He must be benched, he has played AWFUL. But, the rest of the secondary isn't much better; and it doesn't help without any pass rush. Bottom line, Narduzzi (D-coord) is being paid too handsomely for this group to SUCK THIS BAD. MSU defense stinks. It's a shock.

The play of the game? Dantonio taking out Kirk Cousins in the first half and replacing him with Keith Nichol the drive after Cousins took MSU 64 yards in 9 plays for a TD. Moronic; imbicile; and reminiscent of John L Smith - idiotic. Why take out someone that was just getting into rhythm? It cost MSU dearly, with Nichol's subsequent interception leading to another WIS TD. It reminded the ES of MSU botching the FG unit in its upset-bid-but-loss at Ohio State under John L Smith 4 years ago. That spelled doom for the JLS era, and you wonder if the same will occur with Dantonio. What really was upsetting about it was that Dantonio obviously was playing to his script ("we must get him into the game sometime, don't we?") instead of paying attention to what was going on the field. Very JLS and BW-like. And, very, very stupid. He knows better, and the ES holds him accountable.

OK - the rest of the game? It was already lost. After that bumbling, MSU's offense couldn't keep up with Wisconsin, regardless of the free 2 TDs at the end of the game, when the game was out of reach. And, the defense had no answer. My dead grandma could cover a corner better than either Jeremy Ware, Chris Rucker, or Kendall Davis-Clark. At least grandma had some balls and confidence.

Bottom line? MSU is the second-worst team in the Big Ten right now, behind Purdue. This season, the worsening performance on the field (particluarly the lack of competitiveness in the secondary) is eerily reminiscent of BW's 2002 team, the last time Michigan State was picked to finish 3rd in the conference. MSU beat crappy EMU and Rice teams, then lost to a supposedly crappy Cal team, lost a heartbreaker to ND, then beat NW before getting destroyed at Iowa, home to Minny, and Wisky... it was a team that failed to execute. We have the same team this year. Yes, this is the Same Old Spartans.

Dantonio, coaching staff, alumni, students, players, others. You want to prove me wrong? Then go ahead, DO IT ON THE FIELD. Bottom line, like BW and JLS, this team IS getting worse as the season goes on, and MSU is 1-3 right now. Let's get real: Michigan State sucks. This team is lost, has no confidence, and can't even compete. This season is unfortunate and pathetic.

Dantonio should apologize and own up for this pathetic performance - if he is a defensive genius, his IQ is about 55 right now. What a nice thank you for extending his contract this year: "you're welcome." Makes Mark Hollis look like a moron.

Are these the Same Old Spartans? They certainly are playing like it. They're a bunch of bumbling idiots.



  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Why so bitter? You sound like a whining Wolverine from 2008. You should be mad at yourself, for buying all of the preseason hype.

    The 2007 team had less than .500 talent and over-achieved to get to 7-5. The 2008 team had 7-4 talent and lucked into two extra wins (Whisky and Iowa). They absolutely deserved to lose both of those games, we were dominated everywhere but the scoreboard. The 2009 team had 7-5 talent, at best (if the secondary was really going to be a strength), and will underachieve (CMU loss, probably one or two others). The recruiting and talent level continue to go up, don't forget we are in the third year of a 6- year rebuilding program (the five recruiting years after Dantonio's first season will show us where we can rank in the Big Ten). Even with a bad 2009, we are still going in the right direction. Firing your coach kills recruiting- that's why I was the last one on the fire-JLS bandwagon. Sure, he was not a quality coach. But the lousy recruiting year State has after firing a coach hurts the most in the 4th and 5th years after the firing, when quality players who should be starting just aren't there. So take your lumps like a Spartan and look forward to a better team over the next three years. GO GREEN!

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    The mark of turning a progaram around is winning 8 games or more 3 out of four years. This must happen after the first 8 win or more season. We will know if last year was a mirage if Dantonio does not win at leas 8 games the next two years 2010 and 2011. If he does not we will stay where we have been for 39 years the overall #7 team in the bid ten with one decent season a decade offset by one disaster a decade and an overall 500 record for the entire decade. The 3 out of 4 year rule factors in recruiting gaps injurys and teams with blown chemistry. I hope we can do this ESPN says we have a slim chance but there is not a lot of wiggle room as we have to get past either Wisconsin or Iowa.