Reversal: MSU now favored by 1 over scUM The Enlightened Spartan: Reversal: MSU now favored by 1 over scUM

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reversal: MSU now favored by 1 over scUM

Funny what a day might do... the betting lines out of Las Vegas have shifted to Michigan State's favor over the Michigan Yellow Bellies this week - Caesars/Harrah's has MSU favored by 1; the Las Vegas Hilton has the Big Green favored by 1.5; all the rest have it an even/pick 'em spread.

When were the Spartans last favored in the series while scUM was the only ranked team of the two? Has it EVER happened? Obviously, the bookies are giving the Spartans the nod via their home field as an advantage, scUM with the weaker schedule, and the "sore shoulder" status of scUM QB Tate Forcier....


  1. HAHAHAHA, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Thanks!

    Sorry guys, I think anyone with half a brain can tell this is just to drum up interest in a game that might not get the ratings this year due to a lack of competition from ONE of the teams... (c'mon guys, CMU? Even a hater like me longs for the days of actual competition in this "rivalry.")

  2. Well, I can admit when i was wrong...
    It was definitely an exciting game, with yet another amazing Forcier drive at the end, but alas, not enough when you can't make a tackle to save your life. MSU deserved that win, though.

    Good Game.