Friday, March 16, 2012

Spartans to the Promised Land! Go GREEN!

COME ON BIG GREEN!  Take us to the Promised Land!  National Title, case A:  Long Island U at  Brooklyn...This is OUR YEAR!  We know it, we can feel it!

The ES hasn't been this JACKED for an opening round Michigan State game since 2000.  You can feel it.  Green, Appling, Nix, Payne, Thornton, Wood, Trice, and Kearney are the BEST TEAM, the BEST DEFENSIVE EIGHT in America. 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Draymond Green needs National Title for legacy

After the B1G Championship, the ES is thinking.... what the hell is left for Draymond Green to accomplish? Let's look at the most recent team and individual honors...

Team Honors:

B1G Tournament Team Championship: 2012
B1G Regular Season Championship: 2012
NCAA Final Four: 2009, 2010.
NCAA Championship Game: 2009.
REMAINING: NCAA Championship Win

Individual Honors:
B1G Tournament Championship Best Player:  2012.
B1G Player of the Year: 2012.
B1G All-First Team: 2012.
B1G All-Defensive Team: 2012.
First Team All-American, 2012 (Sporting News).
REMAINING: Naismith Player of the Year. 

Ummm.... all that is REALLY left that matters is to win the National Title.  Naismith died like 100 years ago... GO GREEN!

10 warm thoughts about MSU beating Ohio State and earning a #1 seed in the tourney

Top 10 list of Michigan State's dominating victory over Ohio State to claim the B1G Ten title OUTRIGHT. This is in order, from the 10th best to the ultimate best:

10. Watching OSU's Sullinger sulk, after once again stymied to his best effort against MSU, just a 7-19 shooting (37%) and 9 rebounds stint. Thanks to the Spartan BIG trio of Green-Payne-Nix
9. Beating the Buckeyes two of the last three, both away from the Breslin Center.
8. Eddie Hightower wasn't on the court.
7. Tom Izzo's technical foul at the end of the first half, sending a signal for defensive intensity.
6. Draymond Green three-pointer with 1:36 remaining to DEFINE HIS PLACE as Big Ten Player of the Year
5. Derrick Nix jumper in the post over Sullinger with 5:17 left, just showing that Sullinger is no wise-guy and that Sullinger's sh*t still stinks.
4. Brandon Wood, 21 pts. Thank you Valpo.
3. MSU wins the B1G Ten outright, first title since 2000, when we won the national title.
2. Big Green gets #1 seed, first since 2000, when we won the national title.
1. Knowing in every single time MSU has earned a #5 seed or better since 1998, Michigan State has reached the Final Four 6 of 7 times (the other time, we made the Elite 8 in 2008 as a #5 seed).  NICE. 

Friday, March 09, 2012

Live Chat:: #8 MSU vs Iowa, B1G Tournament