Monday, November 28, 2011

Spartans a 9-10 point underdog vs Wisconsin in B1G Ten Title game

Michigan State is a 9 to 10 point underdog to Wisconsin in the inaugural Big Ten title game.  Recall, MSU was a 7-point underdog when we defeated the Badgers earlier this year. Again, no respect -- and it is up to the Doctor and the Spartans to earn it.  Bring on the Badgers.

What IS total bullcrap are the ESPN bowl projections:  so, Wisky is expected to blow out Sparty, thus Wisconsin gets a Rose Bowl bid and... Michigan, which the Spartans have firmly defeated 4 years in a row, and which is a game behind MSU in the Legends Division, would then get a notch into the Sugar Bowl????  Sorry, the ES ain't buying it.  If there was ever, EVER, any incentive for Dantonio and the Spartans, thank you to ESPN. 

As for the BCS, Michigan State moved up to #13... but is a solid #9 in the coaches' poll (USA Today) and #11 in the AP media poll.

USA Today Poll
1LSU (59)12-01475
3Virginia Tech11-11291
5Oklahoma State10-11245
8Boise State10-11033
9Michigan State10-2941
13South Carolina10-2833
15Kansas State9-2681
20West Virginia8-3295
22Penn State9-3192
23Southern Miss10-2173
24Florida State8-486
  • Dropped from rankings: Georgia Tech 21, Notre Dame 24, Virginia 25
  • Others receiving votes: Texas 51, Georgia Tech 42, Brigham Young 29, Notre Dame 29, Northern Illinois 19, Missouri 16, Arkansas State 13, Ohio 8, Virginia 8, Rutgers 6, Louisiana Tech 4

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Michigan State kicks Northwestern butt; BRING ON WISKY

The Spartan defense took a while to get its mojo, but it harassed Northwestern QB Dan Persa for much of the day on a DAMP afternoon in a 31-17 Spartan victory. ES will break this down more, but BRING ON WISCONSIN AGAIN. The Big Ten's BEST DEFENSE in Michigan State will get a load of Wisconsin next week... and the ES just got his tickets. See you in INDY!

Michigan State (10-2,7-1) vs. Northwestern (6-6,3-5)
Date: Nov 26, 2011 Site: Evanston, Ill. Stadium: Ryan Field
Attendance: 32172

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Michigan State...... 3 14 7 7 - 31
Northwestern........ 0 3 7 7 - 17

Scoring Summary:
1st 04:00 MSU - Conroy, Dan 25 yd field goal
13 plays, 72 yards, TOP 5:17, MSU 3 - NU 0
2nd 14:03 NU - Budzien, Jeff 34 yd field goal
12 plays, 44 yards, TOP 4:57, MSU 3 - NU 3
01:40 MSU - Bell, Le'Veon 7 yd run (Conroy, Dan kick)
8 plays, 97 yards, TOP 3:45, MSU 10 - NU 3
00:34 MSU - Martin, Keshawn 57 yd punt return (Conroy, Dan kick)
MSU 17 - NU 3
3rd 13:02 NU - Ebert, Jeremy 2 yd pass from Persa, Dan (Budzien, Jeff kick)
5 plays, 69 yards, TOP 1:58, MSU 17 - NU 10
07:35 MSU - Cunningham, B.J. 33 yd pass from Cousins, Kirk (Conroy, Dan kick)
10 plays, 67 yards, TOP 5:27, MSU 24 - NU 10
4th 13:57 NU - Fields, D. 12 yd pass from Persa, Dan (Budzien, Jeff kick)
8 plays, 65 yards, TOP 3:13, MSU 24 - NU 17
05:17 MSU - Cunningham, B.J. 29 yd pass from Cousins, Kirk (Conroy, Dan kick)
9 plays, 93 yards, TOP 5:05, MSU 31 - NU 17

Team Statistics (Final)
2011 Michigan State Football
#11 Michigan State vs Northwestern (Nov 26, 2011 at Evanston, Ill.)


FIRST DOWNS................... 20 21
Rushing..................... 9 10
Passing..................... 9 8
Penalty..................... 2 3
NET YARDS RUSHING............. 166 117
Rushing Attempts............ 36 41
Average Per Rush............ 4.6 2.9
Rushing Touchdowns.......... 1 0
Yards Gained Rushing........ 170 151
Yards Lost Rushing.......... 4 34
NET YARDS PASSING............. 214 253
Completions-Attempts-Int.... 14-20-1 24-34-0
Average Per Attempt......... 10.7 7.4
Average Per Completion...... 15.3 10.5
Passing Touchdowns.......... 2 2
TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS........... 380 370
Total offense plays......... 56 75
Average Gain Per Play....... 6.8 4.9
Fumbles: Number-Lost.......... 1-0 2-1
Penalties: Number-Yards....... 8-66 6-70
PUNTS-YARDS................... 4-156 4-177
Average Yards Per Punt...... 39.0 44.2
Net Yards Per Punt.......... 39.0 25.0
Inside 20................... 2 2
50+ Yards................... 0 2
Touchbacks.................. 0 1
Fair catch.................. 0 0
KICKOFFS-YARDS................ 6-376 4-244
Average Yards Per Kickoff... 62.7 61.0
Net Yards Per Kickoff....... 44.7 41.2
Touchbacks.................. 1 0
Punt returns: Number-Yards-TD. 1-57-1 0-0-0
Average Per Return.......... 57.0 0.0
Kickoff returns: Number-Yds-TD 4-79-0 5-88-0
Average Per Return.......... 19.8 17.6
Interceptions: Number-Yds-TD.. 0-0-0 1-0-0
Fumble Returns: Number-Yds-TD. 0-0-0 0-0-0
Miscellaneous Yards........... 0 0
Possession Time............... 29:10 30:18
1st Quarter................. 7:33 7:27
2nd Quarter................. 4:56 10:04
3rd Quarter................. 7:35 7:25
4th Quarter................. 9:06 5:22
Third-Down Conversions........ 8 of 13 7 of 17
Fourth-Down Conversions....... 0 of 0 4 of 5
Red-Zone Scores-Chances....... 2-2 3-5
Touchdowns.................. 1-2 2-5
Field goals................. 1-2 1-5
Sacks By: Number-Yards........ 6-31 0-0
PAT Kicks..................... 4-4 2-2
Field Goals................... 1-1 1-1

LIVE CHAT - Michigan State at Northwestern

Game Day: ES predicts Michigan State at Northwestern

#10 Michigan State (9-2/6-1) at Northwestern Wildcats (6-5/3-4)
Evanston, IL.  12 noon ET.
Rankings:  MSU #10 (USA Today), #11 (AP), #14 (BCS), #20 (Sagarin).  Northwestern #60 (Sagarin).

Weather: 54 degrees and rain.
Line:  Michigan State favored by 6

Picks: MSU 27-23,  ESPN/Rittenberg: MSU 27-21, ESPN/Bennett: MSU 34-27, Scout/CFN: NW, 28-23, Rivals: MSU 28-23, Freep/Rosenberg: MSU 37-17, Freep/Sharp: MSU 27-21, Freep/Sipple: MSU 38-24, LSJ: MSU 31-21, Lake The Posts (NW blog): MSU 28-24/MSU 34-24/NW 21-17, Chicago Tribune: NW 24-17, DetNews/Wojo: MSU 38-26, DetNews/Charboneau: MSU 34-24, DetNews/Niyo: MSU 34-17.

ES pick:  MSU 27, Northwestern 17.

Key Stat:  NW total offense will exceed 400 yards behind Dan Persa, but their red zone offense will stall when facing the playmaking Spartan defense.  Watch the Spartans exceed 150 yards rushing, and another targeted performance by Cousins (70% + completions).  The vicious Spartan defense will force 3 or more turnovers out of the Cats.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Michigan State moves to #10 in corrupt polls; favored by TD over Northwestern.

More on the Spartoonies later this week.    Michigan State is favored by a TD at Northwestern.  Bummer for the ES - he has tickets to the NW stint, but will have to take a backseat this year and watch from the beautiful confines of his Man Cave.  MSU improved to #10 in the USA Today poll, which is about as big of a crock of shit as you can imagine.  MSU below HOUSTON and BOISE STATE (bullcrap).  In the AP Poll, Oregon is ranked ahead of USC... who defeated the ducks in Eugene on Saturday night.  That is about as dumb as anything the ES has seen in years.  Stanford struggles at home to beat Cal, Oklahoma State loses to IOWA STATE for Godsakes; Baylor BEATS Oklahoma, which remains at #9... And, you wanna talk about CORRUPTION?  LSU, Alabama, Arkansas are 1-2-3... and all are from the SAME DIVISION (West) of the SAME CONFERENCE (Southeastern).  Noone with any authority in college football knows what the hell is happening. MICHIGAN STATE is no lower than #8, maybe #7.

In a word?  BULLSHIT. 

USA Today Poll
1LSU (59)11-01475
4Virginia Tech10-11242
6Oklahoma State10-11156
8Boise State9-1982
10Michigan State9-2928
13South Carolina9-2806
15Kansas State9-2671
19Penn State9-2455
21Georgia Tech8-3203
23West Virginia7-3158
24Notre Dame8-3156
  • Dropped from rankings: Southern Miss 20, Florida State 22
  • Others receiving votes: Rutgers 54, Auburn 33, Southern Miss 25, Tulsa 23, Brigham Young 21, Arkansas State 10, NORIL 10, Missouri 8, Texas A&M 4, Utah 3, Texas 1, Florida State 1, Iowa State 1

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Michigan State CRUSHES Indiana

Ummmm... not much to write here, other than MICHIGAN STATE ABSOLUTELY POUNDED INDIANA INTO SUBMISSION. What an unbelievably complete dominating performance. ES didn't think the scoreboard had enough lights for the Spartan offense. Joel Foreman running the football was amazing. And Michigan State has found its Tight Ends. And, the Spartans found that Keshawn Martin is their top playmaker on offense.

Actually, the Spartans found everyone yesterday against the Hapless Hoosiers, and everyone was a top playmaker... for a day.  55-3?  Seemed more like 100-0 to me.

Indiana Hoosiers Michigan State Spartans
First Downs 12 23
Total Yards 237 469
Turnovers 2 0
First Downs 12 23
Passing 8 12
Rushing 3 11
Penalty 1 0
Third Down Efficiency 3-15 6-12
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-2 0-1
Total Net Yards 237 469
Total Plays 69 65
Average Gain Per Play 3.4 7.2
Net Yards Rushing 95 172
Rushes 37 34
Average Per Rush 2.6 5.1
Net Yards Passing 142 297
Completions-Attempts 15-32 21-31
Yards Per Pass Play 4.4 9.6
Times Sacked 3 0
Yards Lost to Sacks 24 0
Had Intercepted 2 0
Punts 9 3
Average Punt 47.8 54.0
Penalties 8 5
Penalty Yards 76 45
Fumbles 1 0
Fumbles Lost 0 0

Saturday, November 19, 2011

LIVE CHAT - Michigan State vs Indiana

Game Day: ES predicts Indiana at Michigan State

ES is at a conference in Charlotte, NC.... So this is a bit of a truncated prediction today.  I'm headed to the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill to join the Spartan faithful in cheering on the Big Green today.

Prediction?  The #12 Michigan State Spartans (8-2/5-1) should win in a cakewalk over the 1-9 Indiana Hoosiers; 200 yards rushing out of Baker and Bell today.

Final Score: MSU 45, Indiana 10

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spartans smack down Iowa, 37-21; favored by 4 TD over Indy

 Well, well, wasn’t that a beautiful smack down of Iowa on Saturday?  The Spartans used a variety of efforts, and another impressive defensive performance, to beat up the Hawkeyes, 37-21.  Most impressive was the smothering of the Iowa offensive line, and the opportunistic Spartan defense, forcing three Iowa turnovers.  MSU’s defensive line was again dominant, holding the Big Ten’s leading rusher, Iowa’s Marcus Coker, to just 51 yards on 20 carries (2.7 average) and just 87 yards for the day.

MSU now heads into this weekend in its final home stint vs Indiana, and are 4-TD favorites. 8-2/4-1, the Spartans are now the highest ranked Big Ten team, improving to #12 in the AP Poll and #15 in the BCS.  We haven’t beaten the Ugly Chickens in Iowa City since I was an undergrad – 1989 to be exact – so this annihilation was a long time coming.

Before you could blink it was 14-0.  A fast start in Iowa City is what the Spartans really needed.  And, they got it.  Kirk Cousins (18-31, 260 yards, 3 TDs) was very sharp early, making impressive throw after impressive throw.  BJ Cunningham and Ed Baker made impressive, difficult catches in paydirt (Baker with a beautiful one-hander).  And, then, top it all off, MSU had one of its better running efforts of the season, over 150 yards on the ground – with 112 yards by LeVeon Bell and an impressive 25-yard TD… Bell is looking all the more like Lorenzo White, a big body, deceptive speed, and just the ability to run hard between the tackles.  And, Ed Baker had a nice day hitting the corner with his speed for 51 yards on the ground. But, the play calling was as good as it has been all year, including an impressive double reverse to Keshawn Martin, who promply threw a BEAUTIFUL ball to Brian Linthicum for 28 yards… which reminds the ES -

Flashback to earlier in the week, where the ES criticizedthe Spartan offensive play calling with respect to the absence of tight ends in Big Ten play…. Injuries or not, MSU found a way to get it done – impressive edge blocking by Brian Linthicum all day long to help spring the running game, but also Linthicum had five catches for 71 yards… his most productive day in Big Ten play this year.

The only concern for MSU all day long really was 1) the center-QB snap, three times dropped by Cousins (and once on a critical third down); 2) giving up big chunks of yards on kick returns; and, 3) a measly 4-for-16 on third downs.  But, Iowa imploded with mistake after mistake, and MSU made them pay by scoring on nearly every Hawkeye error. The 31-7 halftime lead was beautiful (and rare in Iowa), and that 48 yard field goal by Conroy in the fourth period would have been good from 70 if he hid is straight.  He hooked that thing like my golf drives – 100 yards to the straight and then 150 yards to the left. Beautiful.

Even Mike Sadler had his best day as a Spartan punting for the Big Green and pinning Iowa deep when Cousins and his offense could not convert third downs.  He averaged 46 yards on six punts, with three downed inside the 20.

MSU is in control of a trip to Indianapolis for the Big Ten title.  Two games to go: Indiana and Northwestern… GO GREEN. 

Michigan State Spartans Iowa Hawkeyes
First Downs 19 20
Total Yards 443 349
Turnovers 0 3
First Downs 19 20
Passing 11 13
Rushing 8 3
Penalty 0 4
Third Down Efficiency 4-16 6-17
Fourth Down Efficiency 1-1 1-2
Total Net Yards 443 349
Total Plays 72 77
Average Gain Per Play 6.2 4.5
Net Yards Rushing 155 87
Rushes 40 30
Average Per Rush 3.9 2.9
Net Yards Passing 288 262
Completions-Attempts 19-32 22-47
Yards Per Pass Play 9.0 5.6
Times Sacked 1 3
Yards Lost to Sacks 3 22
Had Intercepted 0 1
Punts 6 7
Average Punt 46.2 41.0
Penalties 7 6
Penalty Yards 75 39
Fumbles 3 3
Fumbles Lost 0 2

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halftime: MSU 31, Iowa 7

Spartans doing just about everything right, completely outclassing Iowa, 31-7 at half, and bruising the Chicken Legs while they're at it.

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter MIST - IOWA
9:17 Michigan State Spartans MIST TD Kirk Cousins passed to B.J. Cunningham down the middle for 6 yard gain (Dan Conroy made PAT)
7 - 0
7:37 Michigan State Spartans MIST TD Kirk Cousins passed to Edwin Baker to the right for 17 yard gain (Dan Conroy made PAT)
14 - 0
2nd Quarter MIST - IOWA
15:00 Iowa Hawkeyes IOWA TD James Vandenberg passed to C.J. Fiedorowicz to the left for 8 yard gain (Mike Meyer made PAT)
14 - 7
7:37 Michigan State Spartans MIST FG Dan Conroy kicked a 22-yard field goal
17 - 7
1:57 Michigan State Spartans MIST TD Le'Veon Bell rushed to the left for 25 yard gain (Dan Conroy made PAT)
24 - 7
1:21 Michigan State Spartans MIST TD Kirk Cousins passed to B.J. Cunningham to the left for 22 yard gain (Dan Conroy made PAT)
31 - 7

Michigan State Spartans Iowa Hawkeyes
First Downs 13 9
Total Yards 268 189
Turnovers 0 2
First Downs 13 9
Passing 8 6
Rushing 5 2
Penalty 0 1
Third Down Efficiency 3-7 3-8
Fourth Down Efficiency 0-0 0-0
Total Net Yards 268 189
Total Plays 37 36
Average Gain Per Play 7.2 5.3
Net Yards Rushing 90 68
Rushes 17 16
Average Per Rush 5.3 4.3
Net Yards Passing 178 121
Completions-Attempts 13-20 10-20
Yards Per Pass Play 8.9 6.1
Times Sacked 0 0
Yards Lost to Sacks 0 0
Had Intercepted 0 1
Punts 3 5
Average Punt 48.3 45.6
Penalties 2 5
Penalty Yards 30 35
Fumbles 2 1
Fumbles Lost 0 1

Friday, November 11, 2011

Game Day: ES predicts MSU at Iowa

Earlier this week, the ES took a swipe at why MSU tight ends have been AWOL for the most part during the Big Ten season; it has been a puzzle, particularly since it was highlighted as such a strength.  Sure enough, the Freep reported on the significance of injuries to that position... since the Doctor doesn't report injuries (ES agrees with that philosophy), we're left to wonder, ponder, and potentially criticize why there are drop offs in positions... Linthicum with a back injury, Sims with a broken wrist, and Celek with a concussion helps to explain the concern.  Let's hope we can find some production this weekend, because TEs may be critical in our matchup at Iowa.  Time for an ES prediction - 

#13 Michigan State (7-2/4-1) at Iowa Chickens (6-3/3-2)
Iowa City, Iowa.  12 noon ET.
Rankings:  MSU #13 (AP), #13 (USA Today), #17 (BCS), #29 (Sagarin).  Iowa #31 (AP), #31 (USA Today), #48 (Sagarin).

Weather: 47 degrees sunny.
Line:  Michigan State favored by3

Picks: MSU 17-13,  ESPN/Rittenberg: Iowa 27-24, ESPN/Bennett: MSU 23-17, Scout/CFN: Iowa 24-20, Rivals: Iowa 24-20, Hawkeye Lounge: thread

ES pick:  MSU 17, Iowa 14.
Predicted stats of the week:  OK, Spartans have  just 36 combined pts on the road, and no road rushing TDs this year?  MSU hasn't won in Iowa City since ES went to State (1989)?  That changes - Spartans get enough on the ground (150 rush yards, 1 TD) and the defense stands up (allows the Skinny Chickens less than 250 total yards) in a rough-and-tumble victory.

Carrier Classic photos: Michigan State vs North Carolina (-10)

So, the ES is tooling around the web with great interest into tonight's unique "Carrier Classic" contest in San Diego, with the USS Carl Vincent aircraft carrier hosting Michigan State Spartan men's hoops team taking on the #1 team, North Carolina.  OK, so UNC is favored by 10 points, with the wind.  the ES is most interested in the development of Adreian Payne and Derrick Nix in the post... and, how will Keith Appling do as a point?  Should be interesting to find out.  The best photos are over at, here are two that the ES really digs (full photo gallery link here).

Oh, and FYI - Tom Izzo and Michigan State just landed the top shooting recruit in the nation in 2012, with Gary Harris leaving the State of Indiana for Spartan Country.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Carrier Classic.. video

With the really unbelievable, horrific, and difficult situation at Penn State, leaving to the real possibility of JoePa being canned, it is tough to get focused on football... let alone basketball. 

But it IS the Carrier Classic this week, and the NY Times ran some coverage, including some video of the USS Vincent.  Check it out

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Spartans waste TE talent in medicore Big Ten offense: MSU favored by FG at Iowa; Spartans up to #13

OK, the ES isn't going to spit-shine a turd, so let's call it like it is.  ES ain't going to brag about a 31-24 ho-hum win over 2-7, the Minnesoter "we got pounded at home by North Dakota State" Gophers. And, the ES ain't going to get into the worst defensive performance of the season.  That will improve, no doubt.  If it doesn't, well, we're going to spend the holidays in San Antonio, or worse. 

Mind, you, let's say it right out loud:  WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SPARTAN TIGHT-ENDS?

Other than the wonderful game vs Wisconsin and the pounding of overrated scUM, the Spartan offense is mediocre in Big Ten play.  Why?  Let the ES point to a lack of completing-passes-to-tight ends as one (or THE) instrumental area of concern.  Of the 81 completions in Big Ten play, just 13 (16%) are to tight ends, with a long of 25 yards to Linthicum vs Wisky.  The Big Green is NOT using its Tight Ends effectively, efficiently, or wisely.  Rarely does Cousins look for his TEs off the line of scrimmage unless he is dialed in from the huddle; this is unfortunate and must be addressed if the Spartans are to have any offensive success late into the season.  And, Spartan OC Dan Roushar's lack of ingenuity with his TEs, not using these giants off of picks, not directing TEs to drop into zones off of 3rd down blocks, or more importantly, not directing Cousins to attack the MIDDLE OF THE FIELD by dropping teardrops into TEs on fly or post patterns is -- well, puzzling -- and dammit, it ain't the Spartan "get the ball to Bob Organ" Tight-End way of doing things.

The lack of TE production is far more absent than anything the ES or the Spartan Nation expected this year, particularly considering it may have the strongest and deepest TE crew in the conference.  The lack of use of tight ends is a prime suspect in the loss at Nebraska, and was problematic in the close win this past weekend vs Minnesota.  There is far too much talent for the Spartans at TE with Celek, Linthicum, and Sims to just sit in blocking schemes without partaking of their soft hands.   Check out these measly stats:
  • W vs Minn:  Linthicum, 2 catches for 14 yards.
  • L vs Neb:  Linthicum, 2 catches for 16 yards. 
  • W vs Wisky:  Linthicum 3 for 58 yards, Sims 2 for 12 yards. 
  • W vs scUM: Linthicum, 2 catches for 22 yards. 
  • W vs Ohio State: Linthicum 1 for 7; Celek, 1 for 6. 
Note to Roushar and the Doctor:  better get yer Spartan TEs in the game plan at Iowa, or you will be playing in San Antonio again instead of in Pasadena.  Use your TE talent, don't neglect it. So far for 2011, it's a shame to see such talent wasted.

As of Sunday night, according to, Michigan State (-3) is favored by a FG at Iowa.

AP Top 25
1LSU (59)9-01499
2Oklahoma State9-01398
5Boise State (1)8-01288
10Virginia Tech8-1885
12Penn State8-1725
13Michigan State7-2718
15South Carolina7-2654
17Kansas State7-2546
20Georgia Tech7-2340
25Southern Miss8-1161
  • Dropped from rankings: Arizona State 20, West Virginia 24
  • Others receiving votes: TCU 56, Ohio State 50, Arizona State 15, Florida State 12, Washington 8, Iowa 4, Notre Dame 4, Baylor 3, West Virginia 1, Tulsa 1, Virginia 1

Friday, November 04, 2011

Game Day: ES predicts Minnesota at Michigan State

Minnesota (2-6/1-3) at #17 Michigan State (6-2/3-1)
Columbus, Ohio.  3:30 pm ET.
Rankings:  MSU #15 (AP), #16 (USA Today), #17 (BCS), #20 (Sagarin).  Minnesota #114 (Sagarin).
Weather: 45 degrees sunny.
Line:  Michigan State favored by 28

Picks:  ESPN/Rittenberg: MSU 34-10, ESPN/Bennett: MSU 31-3, DetNews/Wojo: MSU 42-13, Scout/CFN: MSU 38-7, Rivals: MSU 43-14,

ES pick:  MSU 45, Minnesota 13
Predicted stats of the week:  Spartans total offense tops 500 yards for the first time this year. This game could get f-ugly....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rain at Carrier Classic in the forecast

This is somewhat amusing, we are nine days out... but, via the Weather Channel, it looks as if the 11/11/11 Carrier Classic men's hoops game between Michigan State and North Carolina on the USS Carl Vincent has a good potential for Showers (is that El Nino rearing its ugly head?). Good think they (who is they? ESPN, Dept of Defense, Michigan State, God???) have a backup plan to have the game on the flight deck below. The ES wonders what THE below-the-deck atmosphere may look like via an artist's rendering (ES guess is that it may resemble the preseason Maui Classic).  The game is scheduled for 4 pm Pacific Time on a Friday night (that's 7 pm for us Easterners).

Stay tuned.  Go Green...