Saturday, December 12, 2020

End this mess of 2020: Penn State

 Michigan State Spartans (2-4) at Penn State Nittany Lions (2-5)

December 12, 2020. 12:00 ET.
Beaver Stadium, University Park, PA.

Weather: 44/sunny, winds 2 mph

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #64, Penn State #22 (??!)
Straight outta Vegas: Penn State by 15

Michigan State didn’t get the memo that Michigan received: to COVID it’s game against Ohio State. Instead, the Spartoonies laid a turd against the lord of Ohio, dropping 52-12 to the Buckeyes. Alas, no bowling for MSU (thankfully). Maybe there is some solace the loss by MSU will send Ohio State to the CFP, only to get its asses kicked yet again by ‘Bama. LOL.

Hopefully, Mr. T got the note: with nothing to gain, nothing to lose, in a meaningless game… play Thorne! Hand Rocky a clipboard.


J Rand (Clarkston) – It’s finally going to be over. End the pain! MSU 28-24
Sloth (Pittsburgh, PA) – State is going to win!!!
Big Bob (Kalamazoo) – Jerry Sandusky 17-14 Larry Nassar
Smig (Novato, CA) Msu12 penn14
Keith (Pontiac) – 20-17 green
C Hock (SFO) – PSU 24-13
Cat (Jackson) – Irrelevant

ES Sez – JoePa 22-11. Lotsa safeties, two-pt conversions, and FGs.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Big Green vs COVID Ohio

 Michigan State Spartans (2-3) host #2 Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0)

Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
December 5, 2020. 12 Noon ET.
Weather: 33/cloudy, wind 6 mph

Sagarin Ratings: OSU #2, MSU #45
Straight Outta Vegas: OSU by 23-1/2

The coachless, COVID-filled Buckeyes bring in their #2 team to take on the Spartans, and are still favored by more than 3 touchdowns. Yup, Mr. T has a lot of work to do to get some respect.


Sloth (Pittsburgh, PA): Rona 30, Both Teams 0
Cambier (Pontiac, MI): 40-10 bucks
J Dog (Clarkston, MI): 28 – 48 Bucks
Smig (Novato, CA): 42-10 bucks
Carter (Albany, CA)/Big Bob (Kalamazoo, MI):
C – Who is not playing for the Bucks? Could this make a difference?
Big Bob – Kirk Herbstreit
C- Oh….he is one of their best players! Maybe MSU has a chance….
Big Bob – Mr. T 34-31 osu
C – MSU 35 – OSU 32
Big Bob – Yer off a point each!
C – Wow Big Bob serendipity!!!! It may be meant to be! Well….it is 2020 and MSU has
a history of beating OSU when they are highly ranked!!!
C Hock (SFO, CA) – you guys are both smoking dope
Smig – Quit blowing each other
C Hock – MSU 6 vs Ohio State 38
Kat (Texas) – who cares?
ES Sez (Converse, TX) – Ohio State 27, MSU 17

Saturday, November 28, 2020

ES Game Day: Fitz v Mr T.

 Michigan State Spartans (1-3) vs #8 Northwestern Wildcats (5-0)

November 28, 2020. 12 noon ET. CHANGED LAST MINUTE TO 3:30 PM ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI.
Weather: 40/sunny.

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #38, Northwestern #8
Straight outta Vegas: Fitzgerald by 2 TDs (13)

COVID status: Unfortunately, COVID has not yet hit the Spartan footballers hard enough. So, we must witness this one. Praise the good man above that Rocky is wiping the benches today. Otherwise, this could get ugly…


Carter (Albany, CA): 45-7 NW
J Dog (Clarkston): NW /MSU has always been a Freakshow. So I’m going 13 MSU – 10 NW
Smig, Tom Waits’ Neighbor (Novato, CA): Nw27 mSU 10
Big Bob (Kalamazoo): 34-17 Northwestern
Keith (Pontiac): Slaughter 30-10 nw
Sloth (Pittsburgh, PA): Boredom
C Hock (SFO): MSU 28-24
Kat (Jackson): COVID 10, Big Ten 0. COVID wins the Big Ten championship

The ES sez (Jackson): Fitz 17, Mr T. 13

Saturday, November 14, 2020

ES Game Day Preview: Sparty hosts Indy

 Michigan State Spartans (1-2) hosts, yes, #10 Indiana Hoosiers (3-0)

November 14, 2020. 12 Noon ET.
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
Weather: 40/sunny, 10 mph winds

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #66, Indiana #17
Straight Outta Vegas: Indiana by 7


Sloth: A game worth napping through
Aussie Paul: MSU upsets Indy, 28-20
Cat: Indy 34-17
C Hock: Indy 24-21
Big Bob: Hoosier Daddy? 45-28 MSU
Keith: 50-13 Indians
Smig: 35-14 rednecks
ES sez: I see an upset brewing… to Indiana? Tough to understand that. Time to see what Mr. T is made of. MSU wins, 20-19

Saturday, November 07, 2020

ES Game Day: Sparty @ Iowa

 Michigan State Spartans (1-1) at Iowa Hawkeyes (0-2)

Kinnick Stadium
Iowa City, Iowa
November 7, 2020. 12 Noon ET.
Weather: 70, sunny.

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #75, Iowa #55
Skinny from Vegas: Iowa by 6.5


Cat: MSU 24-21 (OT)
Smig: Iowa 32-24
J Dog: MSU 28-21
Sloth: Chikenhawks 21, Tuckers 17
Chock: Iowa 20-17
Big Bob: Iowa 70-13
ES Sez… MSU 20, Iowa 18

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Jim Harbaugh is the GREATEST coach of all-time

 MSU 27, UM 24: The ES is gushing about the magnificent performance of the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, understanding the Armageddon (link here) that the Spartan footballers unleashed courtesy of Mr. T. The best quote from MGoBlog… : “This looked like a game in which UM believed the hype about itself and MSU played the little brother card perfectly, played their ass off for 4 quarters, and won. “

Enjoy the Michigan faithful finally realizing that Harbaugh isn’t the savior after all; that Michigan will be a wannabe as long as their Jesus is around. But, a contract extension is on the horizon. Hallelujah!  

Here is a post from MGoBlog in 2014 on the hire of Harbaugh:

Link. “As I was watching the press conference announcing Jim Harbaugh as the new coach, I started thinking that Mark Schlissel really turned a potential disaster into a home run.  This has been said on here before, but I believe it is worth repeating.  Getting Harbaugh was a coup of the first order.”

And one of many threads from 2014:

Now, today. Six years later, after the $60-million man sans khakis has disappointed, let the good times roll, courtesy of… just click away and gush in all that we know as the Spartan Nation:

1 – “Fire them all. The program is a laughingstock. The fanbase is in turmoil. There’s no hope of becoming relevant in the near future.“

2 – “Yep, yesterday was it for me. No way possible to lose that game and recover. Out coached too many times to count now. I doubt anything will change except the fact that UM is a Basketball school now”

3 – “Harbaugh must go. The sooner the better.”

4 – “For me, Michigan football is my fall passion and it has gotten to a point where I cannot even enjoy Saturdays. Don Brown is awful, but he is a symptom of Jim Harbaugh losing touch about what wins in College football.”

5 – “Exactly the same. If anything, I’m more convinced this guy will never win here”

6 – “Into year six all he has done is bring the program back to decency. He does not have a signature win to hang his hat on, and this team is light years from competing for any type of championship.”

7 – “Because harbaugh sucks. Next question “

8 – “These BS excuses always leave the fact out that we were poorly coached team, who doesn’t develop its players.  That is the real problem.”

9 – “I don’t know. Sometimes it is just fate. “

10 – “And sometimes it’s the head coach and the environment he creates and maintains.”

11 – “I am not disagreeing with you that our program sucks right now. Today was an absolute embarrassment and I am not sure why I continue put myself through this every year.”

Friday, October 30, 2020

ES Gameday Preview: Mr. T vs Jesus

 Michigan State Spartans (0-1) at #13 Michigan (1-0)

Halloween, October 31, 2020. 12 Noon ET.
Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor
TV: Fox
Weather: 42, sunny. Wind: 10 mph

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #83, Michigan #8
Straight outta Vegas: Michigan by 21-1/2

Well, here we are. The big game. MSU’s best chance was for the entire team to catch COVID. Unfortunately, the Spartans can’t even catch a virus. After giving the ball away not five, not six, but seven times to lowly New Jersey State University (actually it was 8, but a penalty wiped out one of the giveaways), the Big Green has to find a way to fix things real quick. Mr. T’s preseason goal to make it to the Quick Lane Bowl, RedBox Bowl, or Fenway Bowl are no longer options, canceled due to the COVID — so we need to find a way to get to 6 or 7 wins to play in the Poulan WeedEater Bowl. It’s said that teams improve the most between game one and game two – unfortunately, there are two teams playing today… Alas, not much hope in Mudville this season.

Chalk this one up to Jesus Harbaugh – the most interesting thing we can learn is… will he remember to wear his khakis today? The ES bets on the khakis.

Big Bob: Michigan 70, MSU 13
Sloth: Meatchicken 45-7
Keith: Blue 30-6
CHock: Michigan 35-6
Australian Paul: MSU 21-13
J Rand: Michigan 47-7
Kitty Cat: Michigan 42-3
ES sez: Michigan 31, Sparty 10.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ha Ha Ha, Harbaugh: You are on your KNEES!

 OK, at first the ES was outraged.  Then, sitting next to Big Bob with mimosas and Bell’s Beer at the steady, we began to finally realize the brilliance of Mel Tucker.

This is all part of the master plan.  Let’s calm down, no worries Spartan Nation.  Getting your asses kicked is fun! Clearly we have the next $aban.  The 38 points allowed by MSU with a new coach (Tucker) in his first game was the most since his mentor, $aban, lost 50-10 to Nebraska in 1995. 

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”  

Wow, that exactly is what we saw today in Spartan Stadium.  No passion and execution to succeed was on display by the men in green.  Ahhhh, but then we turn to Sun Tzu and realize the genius of Mr. T as we lead into our annual throwdown against the Yellow Jackets from Ann Arbor. 

Sun Tzu – “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

We certainly deceived the enemy in Ann Arbor today.  It was pure genius; unable to attack, appearing inactive, far away from the action – that was Michigan State football in its greatest deception of the modern era.  Michigan – you have no idea the volume of destruction that is headed your way next Saturday.

Some of the action today was borderline confusing – QB Rocky Lombardi ambling along like a mentally deranged alcoholic on the gridiron, firing passes left and right for no reason.  The offensive line lacking any ability to block or “perceived” lack of ability to strike Rutgers’ iron wall defense. 


It is our ruse. Ha Ha Ha.  We got you right where we want you.  Thought you had us figured out, didn’t ya?

Next week, coach Tucker will release Armageddon.  

To quote Sun Tzu again, as is clearly coach Tucker’s strategy: “know yourself and you will win all battles.”  Oh, we Spartans know who we are.  We are proud and mighty, and a 11 point loss at home to mighty Rutgers is exactly the strategy that will bring your savior Jesus Harbaugh to his knees. 

See you next week.  Rest well, little people in Ann Arbor.  The time is ‘nigh. Grab your spears and pitchforks. We’re coming!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

ES Preview: Mel Tucker hosts Greg Schiano

 We have new coaches for today’s Michigan State vs Rutgers matchup. Mel Tucker (5-7, Colorado) takes over for MSU. Greg Schiano (11-21 NFL Tampa Bay, 68-67 Rutgers) returns to New Jersey. Here’s the skinny:

Michigan State Spartans (0-0) vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights (0-0)
October 24, 2020. East Lansing, MI. 12 noon.
COVID tests: Who knows? It’s a secret.
Weather: 40/sunny, 5 mph wind.
TV: Big Ten Network

Sagarin Ratings: MSU #43, Rutgers #114
Line outta Vegas: MSU favored by 11

CHock: MSU 24-17
Big Bob: MSU 27-14
Keith: MSU 20-17
Cat: MSU 21-3
ES sez: MSU 27-26

Friday, October 23, 2020

2020 Spartan Football predictions


Here are the predictions for 2020 from coast to coast. We’ve got the most accurate predictions from those who have bled the most green over the past 35 years — from the Golden Gate to the Mitten to the Steel Town — we got you covered. This year’s COVID pandemic, along with new coach Mel Tucker (stolen from Colorado) has made this season more of a crap shoot in years’ past… so here’s the crap:

C Hock (San Francisco): 3-5

3-5, 9th out of 14, no bowl game. Offense is mediocre with Rocky at QB … need another year of O-line maturity, experience with new playbook and Day or Thorne winning the job before O turns it around. D unable to control the run like it has in the past and gets burned on long plays more than it has in the past.
W – @MSU 24, Rutgers 17
L – MSU 6, @ Michigan 35
L – MSU 17, @ Iowa 20
L – @MSU 21, Indiana 24
W – MSU 24, @ Maryland 20
W – @MSU 28, Northwestern 24
L – @MSU 6, Ohio State 38
L – MSU 13, @Penn State 24

Big Bob (Kalamazoo): 3-2

Listen up Fockers, it’s time to get over your Dantonio era hangovers. Sure we sucked ass the last two years. That just means we have nowhere to go but up. MSU will go 5-3 this year and finish 6th. There won’t be any non-playoff bowl games. I agree with chock that the D will be susceptible to getting burned on big plays but I think as long as we go with either Day or Thorne at QB and not Rocky the flying squirrel, we will surprise some people and score enough points on offense to overcome that. Why? Elijah Collins nearly reached 1,000 yards as a freshman last year. We also have Jayden Reed eligible this year. This guy sat out last year as a transfer from WMU where he was a freshman all-American. It would be really difficult for the offense to be any worse than it was last year, hopefully the o-line can provide just enough protection and push to spring these playmakers loose. Could I be wrong with my rosy forecast? Sure, we might only go 3-2 if Covid cancels some games. We can thank the geniuses running the big ten for their brilliant scheduling if that happens.

Sloth (Pittsburgh): 4-4
4-4, 7th out of 14, I would bet on no non-playoff bowl games this year, CMT will go with Rocky at QB, lots of running and aggressive D, he has put a great staff in place but is a couple of years away from really competing with the big boys – this year will be a throwaway and steady as she goes heading into spring practice.

Smig (Novato on Fire): 3-5
Sorry guys I am so far under water. Wish I could fit this into my schedule.

Cambier (Pontiac): 2-6
I’m not sure we can do better than 2-6. I just copy what chris hock said. He’s pretty much spot on….

Cat (Jackson): 4-4

J Rand (Clarkston): 6-2
6-2 it’s all upside!

The ES (Jackson): 3-5
It’s a transition year. The COVID will run rampant through East Lansing and Big Ten campuses… The ES doesn’t even know much about Mel Tucker, other than he has only coached for one year as a head coach in college, sporting a 5-7 record for Colorado. Ouch. That spells problem. Rocky Balboa is our quarterback, and very shaky history spelling for Brian Lewerke… most memorable performance was a god-awful 15-of-41 for 146 yards in a loss to Nebraska. He does have good legs, so let’s hope coach Tucker runs the option all year. The running game is our only hope, even though State has dynamite receivers. The ES does not expect to see Rocky raising his arms on the steps of the Philadelphia library this season. RBs are good (Elijah Collins), so let’s just run the damn ball. Kicking game? Matt “I can’t make ’em” Coughlin returns for his 8th year. So, it’s either touchdowns or doom or punt? At least we have 35-year old Grizzly Adams as our punter, straight out of Australian Rules Football. As for defense? It will be a step down from last year, which spells trouble. Biggest disappointment: MSU will lose to either Indiana or Northwestern (or both). Biggest win: MSU will beat either Indiana or Northwestern (or both).
W – @MSU 27, Rutgers 26
L – MSU 10, @ Michigan 31
L – MSU 13, @ Iowa 24
W – @MSU 20, Indiana 19
W – MSU 21, @ Maryland 17
L – @MSU 19, Northwestern 20
L – @MSU 10, Ohio State 42
L – MSU 10, @Penn State 38

Friday, October 16, 2020

Moving to wordpress

As of October 18, 2020, The Enlightened Spartan is moving to  

See you there and Go GREEN!

Wednesday, February 05, 2020


As noted by the ES earlier this year, and as it came true, coach Dantonio thankfully gave the Spartan Nation relief and retired from coaching MSU football.  Thanks for the memories, but the last four years were particularly painful.  While expected eventually (sooner than later), the timing was odd with national recruiting signing day today (Feb 5).  Although coach D never had a "stellar" recruiting class, in his best years at MSU it seemed he always coached players up.... yet, 

...the last several years saw no improvement from beginning to end of the year, injuries mounting  consistently, and his recruiting has him into significant legal trouble with his role in recruiting "bad" folk (one of whom is still in prison)...  and recent allegations of NCAA violations - which may have been the final straw for him to call it quits.  But, from a football fan's perspective, Coach D served longer than necessary, and was incapable of making the tough decisions to improve the football team above average: coach D's inability to fire his staff who put Spartan footballers in bad positions, terrible play calls time and again, strange personnel substitutions of inexperienced players at critical times in games, and publicly supporting his staff's poor decisions.  He looked tired and lost his edge.

But, hanging the Spartan nation out to dry for a $4.3 million bonus  is really not the best way to leave.  Most of us in life would love a multi-million dollar bonus for our 10+ years of work, but to take it and then walk away two weeks later really is thankless.

Loved your goodbye message at the Spartan men's basketball game:  15 seconds was as much as the ES could bear to hear.  Kind of interesting, your appearance was vicissitudinous: MSU lost the game.

Thanks for the first 10 years and goodbye.

Coach Dantonio's mood since 2016