Saturday, October 26, 2019

ES Preview: Time to Retire vs the Undefeated

MSU Spartans (4-3/2-2) vs #6 Penn State Nittany Lions (7-0/4-0)
October 26, 2019.  3:30 pm ET
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
Weather:  49 and rain.  Wind: 10 mph from the East

Sagarin Ratings:  MSU #21 (???), Penn State #6
Vegas Line:  Penn State by 5

Image result for penn state chocolate
Penn State gonna twist up Sparty like a pretzel
It hurts to write this but, gotta be honest with this preview:

In the wet and cold rain, with an ineffective Spartan passing game going up against a staunch defense in Penn State, the Spartan Nation can expect the soggy, butterfinger Spartans to forgo the run and pass themselves to defeat.  The season got ugly two games ago, and it's just getting worse...


Australian Paul:  MSU 28-24
Poke: 90% chance of rain for the entire game. 6-0 for whichever team recovers a muffed punt inside the 20 yard line.
Chris Zech:  PSU 43-8
Big Joe and Phantom 309: 31-17
GVSU Gregger: 27-10 PSU
RGM3: 24-21 green and white guys
Big Bob:  PSU 98-3
Sloth:  I will hate Dantonio even more
C Hock:  PSU 7-6
Kat:  still sleeping

ES sez:  PSU 28-7 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Time for Dantonio to retire

Ahhhh. What it is, to have $50 million in the bank, with a Rose Bowl victory, three Big Ten titles, a berth in the CFP playoff, and the winningest coach in school history.  The roses smell sweeter each year, the farther away you are from them. 

MSU Spartan football coach Mark Dantonio, in his back-to-back shellackings vs Ohio State and Wisconsin, and especially the 38-0 whitewash against the Badgers, should be wanting of the sweet sands of Hawaii, or Samoa, or wherever the hell is warmer than Michigan in mid-November to get a fun suntan.

Coach D has lost his mojo. 

And, yes, coach D, YOU are the dumbass for not firing incompetent staff. The ass-kicking loss to Wisconsin puts MSU in the crosshairs of yet another 7-6/6-7/mediocre/whatever season reminiscent of John L Smith and Bobby Williams.  Getting your ass kicked 38-0 ain't fun when you can't get more than two first downs in three quarters and your QB is not confident enough to throw the ball farther than 10 yards because of the landslide of a pass rush he is facing. Boy, this is similar to the end of the Duffy era... just kinda lost focus and steam.

Coach D - you are a defensive guru?  What happened to GOOD TACKLING and good PASS COVERAGE?  The "No Fly Zone" is now the "Target and Bomb Zone" with safeties unable to cover and make plays on bobbling balls.  That guy, Joe Bachie - your LB premiere - is missing gaps and missing tackles as if he was trying to jump at my puppy, Dolly Parton, in the back yard.  He couldn't tackle my dead grandma at his rate.  Tell him, and his vanishing roommate, Kenny Willikes, to suck down more spinach shakes. At least they are punishing themselves for their play with terrible taste in  food choice.

The ES is tired.  All of the incompetence from the last four (4) seasons is apparent.  Zero or one yard on first down means a pass on second (incomplete) which means a pass on third (sack/incomplete).  There are no interesting wrinkles.  Telegraphing and then running a jet sweep to the defense on second and long is dumb.  Your quarterback CAN'T LOOK ANYWHERE BUT ONE DIRECTION - where is the coaching? Lewerke looks lost, he can't look off any receivers.  Look at the tape. 

Where we, the Spartan Nation, are now is three years in the making.  Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Maryland, Rutgers, Oregon, Arizona State, etc.  It will not change.  It is consistently bad coaching and poor execution.  Accountability is paramount.  Coach Dantonio - will you PLEASE FIRE SOMEONE?  Because you can't... you don't have the will (the cahunas) to get rid of dead weight on your staff.

You are a "foxhole guy"?  Dantonio, you are loyal to a fault.  Get someone loyal who can SHOOT AND HIT!!!!  Or, leave us and go to the islands - you have been provided a good furlough.  See you in Fiji, PLEASE!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

ES Preview: We don't need no stinkin' Badgers

Michigan State Spartans (4-2/2-1) at #8 Wisconsin Badgers (5-0/2-0)
Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI
October 12, 2019.  3:30 pm ET.
Weather: 48/cloudy.  It's windy - 19 mph SW

We don't need no stinkin' Badgers!

Line outta Vegas:  Wisky by 10
Sagarin Ratings:  MSU #15, Wisky #6


Well, it's going to be cold and windy.  So, expect the Big Green to give up the running game and start throwing the ball into the wind, to be picked off time and again by the nation's #1 defense in Wisky (179 ypg).  Which means the nation's #2 ground gainer, Wisky's Jonathan Taylor (149 ypg), may just dice up this Spartan defense which  struggled against the run against Ohio State.

Sigh.  Saw this game last year in the agonizing RedBox bowl game, a 7-6 loss.  At least the ES is going to the Big D (Ole Shellelagh) to witness the slaughter... and go check out a winner - the 3-1 Detroit Red Wings vs the Toronto Maple Leafs!

  • Wisconsin State Journal: Wisky 21-13
  • Australian Paul:  MSU 14-10.
  • RGM3: Wisky 21-13.
  • Big Joe and Phantom 309: Wisky 35-6
  • GVSU Gregger: Wisky 28-10. 
  • Chris Zech:  Wisky 37-24.  Whiskey in a Jar.
  • Chef Tom (Glen Arbor): Straight Whiskey.
  • Eric J-A (Madison): Wisconsin 24-10. I will be at the game cheering for Bucky and empathizing with State fans. MSU wins only via injury or turnovers.
  • Doc: MSU 16-13. ES is so drunk by halftime, he misses Sparty pull it out.
  • Oakland Ronnie: MSU 23-10.
  • Keith: Wisky 24-10.
  • Carter (Bay Area, Cali): Wisky 35-14.
  • CHock (San Francisco): Wisky 12-6.
  • Sloth (Pittsburgh): Wisky 31-0.
  • Big Bob (Kzoo): Wisky 31-17.
  • The Future Queen of Scotland, Brexit Deal Be Damned (Detroit): Wisky 31-27.

ES sez...  Sparty 7, Wisky 21.  The march to greatness ends. 

Saturday, October 05, 2019

ES Preview: Big Green vs Ugly Fans

Yup, misplaced priorities in Columbus. 
And, nope Oscar Meyer is a wiener, not a president. Poor kid. 
#25 MSU Spartans (4-1/2-0) at #4 Ohio State (5-0/2-0)
October 5, 2019. 7:30 pm ET.
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH

Weather: 70/partly cloudy.  No real wind.

Vegas Line: Ohio State by 20.
What does Sagarin say? MSU #16... OSU #1

The ES woke up and took the dog outside to crap.  Instead, dog crapped in the house.  Nice. Then, put on a hat, get in the car, and stand in line to get Hinkley's Donuts for his gal.  Line was too long, so chocolate muffins from Cafe Lilla instead.  Working on window installation.  Where is my football?????  Well, time to publish this puppy and focus on Ohio State.

The ES hates Ohio State, some of the rudest fans ever - especially at the Big Ten Championship Game. The ES hopes we kick their arse.


  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: OSU 45-10, OSU 41-14, OSU 36-13
  • Freep:  OSU 31-16
  • Sergio: State a little Ohio a lot
  • Doc: Sparty 31, Hairless Nuts 17
  • Oakland Ronnie: MSU 18, osu 13. couches will burn.
  • Poke: Drink heavily...
  • Andy Sensoli: Depends on if there's a rain storm or not. OSU if it's a clear day. By 18 points. 31-13.
  • The Queen of Scotland: I predict I will not be anywhere near the ES after 7pm Saturday night:)
  • Australian Paul:  MSU 18-14 (9 safties, wow!)
  • Ruf (Thailand): Buckeyes 38-9
  • Keith: 21-20 MSU
  • CHock (San Francisco): OSU 17-6
  • Sloth: tOSU 45-6; I predict the game will later be vacated due to NCAA sanctions leveled against Terra Community College.

ES sez:  Ohio State 24, Michigan State 14.