Saturday, June 08, 2013

Renewing Spartan football season tickets

Just renewed my Michigan State Spartan football ticket season package.  This will be the 24th season ticket package for my beloved Spartans in my life.  It was 27 years ago, 1986, that I was a freshman at Michigan State.  For three years working in college athletics: in San Francisco (West Coast Conference); in Houghton/Hancock (Michigan Tech); and, in Olivet (Olivet College) I did not purchase season tickets. But, I'm renewing my faith in the Big Green for another year.

And, got a ticket for the kids, too. 

Really, even with a pretty shitty schedule other than scUM... the ES can't wait.  This year, the ES sees a tailgate in the future. 

I feel all warm and fuzzy.  Maybe time to crack open a beer to celebrate?  There are few things better in life than watching the Big Green defense on a Saturday.

Check out the ES t-shirts, by the way...