Friday, February 07, 2014

President Obama talks brackets and football excellence at Michigan State

Well, the ES has just basked in the glory of the Rose Bowl for the past month.  It's been tough to get back into Spartan hoops after witnessing victory in the Promised Land.

That said, the ES will start chiming in on Spartan hoops here in the coming days and weeks.  But, that brings to mind today.  I was presented a wonderful opportunity to go see POTUS sign the Farm Bill at Michigan State University today... and of course, he started out acknowledging how fantastic the Spartan athletic teams have played so far this academic year.  Obama singled out his need to "do some scouting..." for his hoops bracket; and, our hoops excellence combined with winning the Rose Bowl made us "greedy."  :)  Wow, watch below, very cool.  GO GREEN!