Sunday, November 25, 2012

MSU Men's Hoops vs Louisiana on ESPN3

MSU vs Louisiana Lafayette men's hoops live on ESPN3.  Tipoff at Noon ET on Sunday.  Watch here:

Order up your wings: Mich State to B-Dubs Bowl

Looks like 6-6/3-5 MSU will most likely play in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Dec. 29 in Tempe, Ariz.  The most likely opponent is a Big 12 opponent, 7-4/5-3 Oklahoma State.  Kickoff is slated for 8:15 pm MST (6:15 pm  ET).  This used to be called the Insight Bowl.

MSU vs Minnesota victory = Fire Roushar


Congrats to getting to a miserable 6-6 record by beating lowly Minnesota, 26-10.  Michigan State CRUSHED Minnesota 421-96 in total yards, but the play calling on offense and the poor execution by QB Maxwell really made things far more difficult than necessary today. Thanks to LeVeon Bell, and his 266 yards rushing on 35 carries.  Unbelievable performance by Bell.

My first thoughts, on reading the quote from coach Dantonio: ""I thought the game plan to run the football against what they did was very effective. I thought our offensive line played very effectively. It's good to see. ...When you look and you see some of the statistics, you wonder why the game isn't a little bit more lopsided. But you've got to score touchdowns in the red zone. We've kicked a lot of field goals this year, and those are things that we've got to work on as we go into bowl season."

1) You wonder???? Duhhhh.... why in Jesus' name do you PASS the ball on first down early in the game when LeVeon is running through and destroying defenses?  POOR COACHING, outthinking yourselves.  Jesus the ES was yelling through the third quarter trying to figure out what was going on.
2) Then, Maxwell throwing (13-of-29 or 44%) for the game was AWFUL, especially in the Red Zone. He over and under threw receivers all day long, if he didn't throw an INT. Instead of leading the team Maxwell was a liability, not adding ANYTHING.
3) Maxwell did not add value to the team today.
4) THE SPARTAN DEFENSE IS INCREDIBLE.  Holding Minnesota to under 100 total yards, and this offense can barely muster 27 points?  Pathetic, really.

What does all of this mean:

1) Fire Dan Roushar.  His play-calling in this game was as bad as it was all year long.  Throwing the ball on first down when Bell is running wild is.... STUPID. Just total dumb-ass.  I know MSU needs to mix up the play-calling, but not on first down with a sub-par QB in Maxwell.... umm... The ES figures the change in calling plays later in the game was because of Dantonio (or someone Spartan in the stands yelling loud enough for him to hear) demanding that every play be run to LeVeon Bell (funny how it worked). The passing calls were stupid, dumb, moronic the entire game.
2) Bench Andrew Maxwell.  He is awful. Anyone who thinks this guy is any good is high as a kite.  Maxwell can't throw the deep ball well, throws the out pattern short, or just makes very very poor decisions (note the pick-six).  Maxwell can't audible, he telegraphs his passes, and he can't execute in the toughest positions. Mawelll is NOT  a play maker.  He is not.
3) Run Bell.  Just run him.  Find different ways (not a screen play) to get the ball in his hands.  Don't pass the ball.  Just give the goddam thing to him, preferably in the deep-I formation.
4) Where the hell was Dion Sims?  The best receiver on the team, and just one catch for four yards?

I hate this offense because the talent is so great but the coaching and Maxwell's play are AWFUL.  It is really a shame for the defense.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Live Chat: Michigan State at Minnesota

Live Chat at 3 pm ET.

There will be a live chat here on the ES website, open to the public at 3 pm ET.  You're invited. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

ES Game Day: MSU at Minnesota. 'Tis the end of Roushar, Lord have mercy.

Wow, didn't expect to be here.  The ES is gonna give kudos to both the Sloth and to CHock for their pre-season picks on MSU.  Both guessed 8 wins, and were closest to the prediction of MSU winning AT BEST 6 games in the regular season. CHock called it best: "But we will lose at least one because of inexperience by our rookie QB. Cousins was really, really good and we’ll miss that." 

Looks like this is the buffoon's last game - offensive coordinator Dan Roushar may be a goner.  We will all toss some salt over a shoulder, kiss a rabbit's foot, and say a Hail Mary or three that it is the end for the dolt calling the plays for MSU.  When an assistant coach apologizes to the faithful - he's on the chopping block.

That said, tomorrow is THANK GOD the season finale.  This is the final preview of the season.

Time: 3:30 ET.
Weather: 34 and partly sunny
Spread:  MSU favored by 8

Sagarin Rankings: MSU #42, Minny #66

  • CFN/Scout MSU 20-13
  • Freep Rexrode MIN 17-16, Sharp MIN 24-14, Seidel MSU 27-17
  • Tom MSU 27-14, Brent MSU 19-16
  •  Ritteberg MSU 20-16, Bennett MSU 24-17
ES sez:  How dumb can the Spartan coaching staff be?  Is MD trying to instill confidence, or is he instead misdiagnosing his team when he sez: "When we win Saturday -- and I'll say when -- we'll be a 6-6 football team."  Why in god's name would the Doctor give the Gophers bulletin board material, especially after watching the MSU buffoonery on the sidelines and the poor decision-making on the field ALL YEAR LONG? 

OK, this is easy.  Let's predict this real quick.  #1 - Is Maxwell starting on Saturday at QB?  YES.  #2 - Is Roushar still the offensive coordinator for MSU on Saturday?  YES.

'Nuff said.  Each will find a way to screw it up in as stupid, maddening, and unnecessary way as possible.  The ES hopes a nor'easter or a massive blizzard from the Yukon swipes over Minneapolis to make life miserable tomorrow.  Lord have mercy.  ES sez:  Minnesota 26, Michigan State 24.  

M-Hoops LIVE CHAT: #15 MSU vs Oakland

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spartans favored by 8 at Minny? Craziness

OK, so the ES has taken a bit of a respite.  It's tough to get fired up for a vastly underperforming football team on the road at Minnesota.  And, seeing as Michigan State is favored by 8 at Minnesota... well, the Spartans need to make a believer out of the ES this year.  Right now, I'd take Minny straight up.  The game kicks off at 3:30 pm ET on BTN this Saturday.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Maryland to join Big Ten

Maryland will join the Big Ten.  Read USA Today here.

"BTN will have live coverage beginning at 2:30 PM ET of the University of Maryland’s press conference regarding joining the Big Ten. Following the press conference, BTN will have analysis from a variety of guests. Dave Revsine will host BTN’s coverage."

The ES just doesn't get it. Who's next? Rutgers, and then who? Expect major musical chairs in the  next month:  UConn to the ACC, Florida State to the SEC or Big 12...

At least we know who will be at the bottom of the conference race in football, vying with Minnesota and Indiana every year. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fire Dan Roushar

Today's loss against Northwestern was unacceptable and inexcusable.  This one is on the coaches. Roushar's incompetence and Dantonio's belief in Maxwell's abilities that he doesn't have cost MSU yet another game.  Not sure when these guys will get it through their thick heads and wake up.

Roushar has GOT to be fired.  He was nothing short of AWFUL, and demonstrated he is in over his head.  What a waste of a great defense this year.    I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the numerous coaching mistakes today.  That's sad, and I feel bad for the players, especially the defense, for the incompetence of the Spartan coaching staff.

Below, I have copied my second half Facebook posts to the Sloth today as we fumed during the game.  It says enough.


4 hours ago via mobile ·

    I hate this football team on offense. Just absolutely loathe them.
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         You should see them live-Eesh!
        3 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
         I'm turning it off now. that last drive with Roushar calling nothing but passes is it for me. time to catch up on a couple episodes of Mad Men...
        3 hours ago · Like
         13-13 now! Go Burbridge!
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like
         If it wasn't so embarrassing it would be funny. I am so goddam upset with this coaching staff for handcuffing the players. It is flat-assed unacceptable. Period. A bunch of incompetent morons, lead by the head dolt himself for hiring these jokers.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Walk in TD. Ugh
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like
         What is Roushar doing with this all-pass crap? Putting Maxwell back with no blindside protection on a first down is suicide, RUN THE GODDAM BALL.
        2 hours ago · Like
         What an embarrassment.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Dantonio needs to own up to this. He is failing his team.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Narduzzi needs to get his ass OUT OF THE PRESS BOX AND DOWN ON THE FIELD
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
         These referees are terrible.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Unbelievable. Thank God for hoops
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2
         If the defense doesn't score, we don't have a chance.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Hopefully Dantonio will do the right thing and get rid of Roushar after the season is over
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
         Can't blame Maxwell for the dropped balls
        2 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
         What I hate is the percentages on throwing on first down for MSU are just poor. So, if they don't get it, it is a guarantee we will thrown on 2nd down. Roushar just doesn't have a good feel for how to mix things up.
        2 hours ago · Like
         If this were a chess match, it would already be checkmate. If it were war, our conceptual playbook is the Maginot line. Completely static and predictable, and reactionary. It sucks. I'd give the coaching a F.
        2 hours ago · Like
        Can't blame Maxwell for the bad offensive line and piss poor play calling. I feel bad for him. I think he gets a bad rap.
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like
         But when Maxwell does have a shot, he can't make the play. He is not dependable. That's the problem.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Thank God we ran it on first down, even if we only gained a yard.
        2 hours ago · Like
        ...who is the back up Connor Cook, right? Don't know much about he good?
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like
         Put in Cook. Right on queue, Maxwell telegraphs his floater to the NW safety.
        2 hours ago · Like
        , this season was over 5 weeks ago. it's an indication of our resilience as Spartan faithful that we still bother, especially with basketball season here.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Maxwell has no moxie. He CANT GET IT DONE. You know that Gatorade ad, "is it IN you?" Not for Maxwell. He does not have the grit and lacks the smarts of Cousins - it isn't fair to make the comparison, but Maxwell IMHO isn't half of Cousins. To add to it, this coaching staff is so incompetent, they are handcuffing him.
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
         Hey Haskin, don't you have any eligibility left?
        2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
         Sloth - I loathe loving my allegiance as a Spartan football fan, and there isn't anything I can do about it for the rest of my life.
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
         The score right now should be 27-20 Michigan State. The fact that the turnovers are 4-0 in favor of NW demonstrates the strength of our defense.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Who is dependable? BELL. Funny, they give him the ball and he just piles up yardage. A total no-brainer.
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
         Keep feeding it to the horse.
        2 hours ago · Like
         bet you a beer this is a pass
        2 hours ago · Like
         Of course, now Narduzzi gets his butt down to the field. The coaches are finally waking up. Too bad they took off the first three quarters.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Keep feeding it to Bell. Give him THE GODDAM BALL
        2 hours ago · Like
         Roushar just killed this drive
        2 hours ago · Unlike · 1
         Fire Roushar.
        2 hours ago · Like
         That pass call was so incompetent.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Sims bailed out Roushar. He should still be fired.
        2 hours ago · Like · 1
         it's an absolute miracle. I should have watched a 2nd episode of Mad Men.
        2 hours ago · Like
         Roushar should be fired - even if we score 100 points in the next five minutes, he needs to be given the pink slip. Let him coach at Mankato State.
        2 hours ago · Like
         seemingly right on cue, our Top 5 defense rips a fart.
        about an hour ago · Like
         Go figure. But they stiffened at the end. Let's see if Maxwell has moxie.
        about an hour ago · Like
         Dantonio has no pulse on this team. He should know by now that the defense checks out late in the game; is this the 3rd or 4th game where we punted late and couldn't get the ball back? Shoulda gone for it on 4th down.
        about an hour ago · Like · 1
         Fitz passing the ball was a dumb move. Stopped the clock. Helped us out.
        about an hour ago · Like
         Dantonio needs to block this kick. It's our only chance. Offense can't do shit.
        about an hour ago · Like
         dropped pass. shocking.
        about an hour ago · Like
         Let's see if Maxwell can make a believer out of me. I doubt it.
        about an hour ago · Like · 1
         another dropped pass. not shocking.
        about an hour ago · Like
         What an AWFUL play call on third down. Why in gods name are you running a 5 YARD SLANT??????? We need 80 yards
        about an hour ago · Like
        about an hour ago · Like
         NEED TO GO TO MY PRESENTATION. I hate this season.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

ES Game Day: MSU vs Northwestern

OK, so the ES is in Vegas, baby!  Will watch that football game vs. Northwestern from the Flamingo at 9 am sharp.As you can see, the ES put $20 smackers on the Spartans to beat the spread and whip the Wildcats tomorrow.  MSU is favored by a TD (7 pts).  ALSO note that MSU is 18-1 favorite to win the national men's basketball championship... ES put $5 on the Big Green to get to the Promised Land.

That said, an abbreviated game day for tomorrow's game. 

Time:  12 noon
Spread:  MSU favored by 7
Weather: 52 and partly sunny

ES sez:  MSU 28, Northwestern 17.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hoops is back! Big Green stymies #7 Kansas

Loving Michigan State basketball, a nice tonic to the disappointing football season.  A nice pick-me-up watching the Big Green Machine kick some Jayhawk butt in Atlanta today.  That game was a rough defensive battle through the second half, and it was nice to see that old Izzo-esque defense come alive in the last five minutes.  Turning off the faucet at the end of the game is a staple of championship-Spartan teams... maybe this team's got it after shutting down #7 Kansas, 67-64.

Keith Appling was amazing on offense in the final few minutes, with a ridiculous scoop layup around a 7-footer in the final seconds, after previously stepping back to knock down a solid -three pointer.  I'm just loving the play of Brendan Dawson, who is the real deal with an all-around game, great hands on defense, great hops on the boards, and dynamic in the offensive post.  Derrick Nix looks real good on defense and on offense.   Nice, nice win after coming home from the airport hanger in Germany (MSU will win a special pre-season game, someday).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spartans a TD fave over Northwestern

Where's the ES been?  Those of you who know me know this is the busiest time of the year, middle of the term and I am swamped.  That said, I am heading out to... Las Vegas, baby!  So, while I present odds from VegasInsider each week... I guess I can be the official insider this next week.

But, from what I read... our MSU Spartans are favored by 6-1/2 against Northwestern; Purdue is favored by 7 at Illinois; Penn State is favored by 17 over Indiana; no line on Michigan vs Iowa due to injury; Wisky is favored by 3 at home over Ohio State.

Sparty needs a win... BAD. 

Saturday, November 03, 2012

MSU can't overcome mistakes, refs

I give up.  MSU wuz robbed by the referees throughout the game, but made enough mistakes on its own to lose to Nebraska.  If the Spartans stop Nebraska on 4th and 10 with :40 seconds left... or before than, if they even made a 1st down with 1:40 left, they win the game.  But, they couldn't make the final play and gave the Corn the chance.

Referring was brutal - what the personal foul was on the 100 yard INT runback for a TD, I have no idea, we will never know.  The interference call in the endzone at the end of the game was bullshit.  The Spartans were sold out; but, they still had to make plays to win, and couldn't.

I gotta get out of this town.  The Spartans are killing me.  This year, it's one step back to Same Old Spartans...

Friday, November 02, 2012

ES Game Day Preview: #21 Nebraska at MSU

#21 Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-2, 3-1) at Michigan State Spartans (5-4/2-3)
Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI
3:30 ET. ABC.
Weather: 46 degrees, sunny.
Sagarin Rankings: MSU #35, Nebraska #23
Line: Nebraska favored by 1-1/2

The line has moved since late Sunday, now with Nebraska favored by 1 1/2 pts. A bland, but useful video on the impressions of the Nebraska team to the Corn faithful as posted by the Lincoln Journal Husker Extra.

 Vote!  Go To Big Red Today and make your predictions...

ES sez: OK, so the Doctor is using Facebook to preach to the Spartan Nation to show up strong on Saturday - let's not let the Nebraska Red take up the extra tickets. What impact will that have on the game?  ES believes not much... if the Spartan defense plays its game and keeping Neb QB Martinez honest, plugging holes and watching their lanes - the Spartan nation will roar, and it will be a low-scoring, intense game.  Remember - three of the losses were from a combined 6 pts and OT.  But, the one thing that has remained consistent is just a fantastic Spartan defense, which is getting BETTER as shown in its dominant outing at Wisconsin last week.  Max Bullough is making a run for Defensive POY in the Big Ten, as he anchors a stud-like defense. 

The ES is going to the game to watch a gudge-match, a battle of defense, with blood and guts all over the field.  This game will settle down and get ugly, and turn into trench warfare - look out for the mustard gas. MSU may lose a few battles, but will win this war.  Those predicting Nebraska will score more than 20 are high as a kite - the Spartans have allowed that only once, taking the first half off against Indiana.  Won't happen this week, or for the rest of the year.  Can the Spartan offense score enough?  LeVeon Bell says YES. But, give the Spartan defense six safeties.  :)

Final score: Spartan Defense 12, Corn Wannabees 11.